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For more than a year and a half, Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been investigating alleged misconduct related to the FISA warrants delivered by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). The Justice Department and FBI obtained warrants in 2016 to surveil Trump adviser Carter Page. It is unclear, at this point, if Page was the […]

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Top US Prosecutor Rips Schiff Star Witness To Shreds Exposes His Coverup Of Soros’s Illegal Dealings With Ukraine

On Tuesday during an interview on “Fox & Friends, Former New York City Mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani joined Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam for a special edition of War Room. This is where Rudy Giuliani tore into the Schiff show trials and their empty case against President Trump. The discussion […]

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ANOTHER GOP Rep. Just Made Adam Schiff’s Worst Nightmare Come TRUE!

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) demanded on Tuesday that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) testify under oath about his relationship with the whistleblower who ignited impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. “The whistleblower should answer questions under oath. But more importantly, Adam Schiff needs to answer questions under oath,” Stefanik told Fox News host […]

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Obama, Entire Deep State In Panic As Trump Drops Bombshell Revelation On I.G. Report

Seems things are about to go side ways for Former President Barack Obama and all other key players involved in FISA Court abuse during the 2016 election and into 2017. According to Gateway Pundit: For months there were rumblings that Inspector General Horowitz was going to release his report anytime on his investigation of FISA […]


Several Obama Doj Justice Department Officials Will Be Indicted According To Revelation From IG Report – Former US Attorney

It’s Going to Be Devastating. It’s Going to Ruin Careers” – Joe diGenova: IG Report Delayed Due to Durham Grand Jury – Several Obama DOJ Officials Will Be Indicted… Attorneys and partners Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova joined Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night to discuss the latest delay to the release of the much anticipated […]

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Pelosi Targeted In Fresh Lawsuit By 40 Watchdog Groups Over Illegal Impeachment Proceedings On President Trump

A coalition of conservative groups has filed an ethics complaint against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claiming that she has usurped authority from the executive branch and “weaponized” the impeachment process. In launching her ‘official’ impeachment inquiry without benefit of a vote of the full House of Representatives and without indicating anything remotely qualifying as ‘treason, bribery, or […]

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Adam Schiff Gets Locked Up In The Dark By President Trump On ISIS Raid

President Donald Trump on Sunday opened up on why the White House did not inform some key Democrats about the daring raid that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Gateway Pundit reports: The United States military conducted a special operations raid targeting one of its most high-value targets, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the […]

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James Comey Admits He’ll Move Out Of The United States If Trump Wins Again: Video

Former FBI Director James Comey who was fired by President Donald Trump in May of 2017 might have just let slip his plans of moving to New Zealand should President Donald Trump win reelection in 2020. Gateway Pundit reports: Fired FBI Chief and #NeverTrumper James Comey spoke at Politicon this afternoon in Nashville. During his […]

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Join Over 200 Patriots, Sign Petition To Remove Adam Schiff And Stop Harassment Of President Trump

Congressman Adam Schiff has repeatedly lied to the American people; recall Trump collusion and Russia. He has appeared on a number of news stations continuing to state Russian collusion between President Trump and Russia, even after the Mueller report had cleared the Trump Administration of any wrong doing. Fox News reports: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, […]

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Trump Drops Executive Hammer On Impeachment Moves, Sends Adam Schiff Crying

Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is whining to the media because President Trump refuses to play the impeachment game with him unless Congress formally votes to do so, as Reuters reports: “The U.S. State Department is withholding messages from the ambassador to the European Union that are relevant to the impeachment inquiry, the chairman of […]