Clinton Body Count Trends On Twitter Right After Epstein’s Attempted Suicide In His New York Jail Cell

Americans waking up to check Twitter were greeted with the trending hashtag “#ClintonBodyCount.”

The phrase has since been used by conservatives to link the mysterious deaths of people in some way connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton, like the 1993 suicide of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster, and the fatal armed robbery of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich in 2016.
The hashtag broke into the mainstream on Thursday, trending at number three in the US. Its emergence came after millionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein was found“injured and in a fetal position” on the floor of his New York jail cell just hours before.
When #ClintonBodyCount is trending on Twitter as a reaction to the story that Epstein “attempted suicide” you know people are hip to the game. They need him gone at all costs. ? pic.twitter.com/uFKsLk3EFu

— BlondeAnon (@miss_jordon) July 25, 2019

ANYONE denying the concrete connection, between Epstein and the Clintons, better look at themselves in the mirror and ask:

Am I really defending a criminal family who has been testified against by victims of sexual assault? #ClintonBodyCount

— Antonio Villanueva (@tangentsreveal) July 25, 2019

I also believe that someone tried to murder Epstein. He needs to be under high security for his safety, and do bad people will finally be punished. #ClintonBodyCount

— Mary Elizabeth (@MaryElizabeth73) July 25, 2019

#ClintonBodyCount (decades-old conspiracy theory) is trending. Apparently sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was injured in jail on Tuesday. Watch for people trying extra hard to convince you they know things they don’t today.

— David Emery (@debunker) July 25, 2019

Troll farms earning their living already & it’s only 4 a.m. #Clintons #ClintonBodyCount

Fix your fucking trash app @Jack

— Kno (@Kno) July 25, 2019

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  1. When it was 1st announced that Epstein had been arrested, I told my husband to watch what will happen to him & who/what will be responsible: murder (suicide my a$$) by the Clinton Cartel!!! It won't do any good to put extra guards on him if it's one of them who gets paid handsomely to do the deed (of course no one will see what happens).

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