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Over 3000 Petition Signed To Impeach Nancy Pelosi Just After Damning Revelation About Her Past Surfaced

During a press conference on Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House is launching a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. A move that’s already back to hunt her.

“Today, I’m announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. I’m directing our six committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella … The president must be held accountable,” Pelosi said.

Its been 21years since a U.S. president faced impeachment. Which in that case was Democratic President Bill Clinton. Pelosi had a very different view point of view on impeachment then:

“Today, the Republican majority is not judging the President with fairness, but impeaching him with a vengeance,” Pelosi said in 1998.

“In the investigation of the president, fundamental principles, which Americans hold deer – privacy, fairness, checks and balances – have been seriously violated,” she continued.

“And why? Because we are here… We are here today because the Republicans in the House are paralyzed with hatred of President Clinton. And until the Republicans free themselves of this hatred, our country will suffer.”

“I rise to oppose these unfair motions which call for the removal of the United States from office. And in doing so, i wish to point out some differences between the investigation of the president, and the investigation of Newt Gingrich,” she continued.

Democrats have clearly been “paralyzed with hatred” for Trump the moment he took office. But speaking of a president from the opposition party, Pelosi doesn’t see that, all she suddenly care about is accountability for crimes committed. Well Trump as Hell didn’t commit any.

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56 Replies to “Over 3000 Petition Signed To Impeach Nancy Pelosi Just After Damning Revelation About Her Past Surfaced

    1. Congress woman Nancy Pelosi has been nothing but trouble since she became House Speaker. Time for her to leave Congress. She has failed to do what’s best for the country except obsess in impeaching President Trump since he took office. By the grace of God this man has had to take the worse abuse in history as no other president. This is un-American, PLEASE.. PLEASE… get her out!!!!! ; She’s past retirement age, incoherent, looses chain of thought, and is an embarrassment to herself. PELOSI has no business trying to run this country.

      1. Maybe a Biden-Pelosi ticket? They wouldn’t ever know where they were or what they were doing. At least they might not do any harm??? They’d still be trying to impeach Trump not realizing he was no longer in office???

    2. Send that troll Nancy Pelosi packing were do I sign
      IAM tired of her wasting tax dollors on witch Hunt
      Instead of doing her real Job !
      We’re do I sign count me in inpeach the puppet Nancy Pelosi

    3. Impeach every single Democrat in Congress. Get rid of these pieces of s….t. They are an embarrassment to this country

    1. Yes she is and many more….. they waste tax payer’s money n time to impeach PRESIDENT TRUMP THAN WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE N NOT ADDRESS THE ISSUE’S THAT NEED ADDRESS7TO BETTER OR COUTRY.

  1. We have an Election coming up, Let WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE! !! STOP WASTING TAXPAYER MONEY AND TIME. We are paying you to do a job, for once do something productive. Hay here’s an idea HOW ABOUT A BALANCED BUDGET????? THERES AN IDEA AND IT’S ACTUALLY YOUR JOB!!! Trump has done more for this country in a short period of time. All the Democrats are doing is undermining our country.

    1. Impeach. Nancy. Pelois. All the rest of the Democrats. They. have constantly came against our President. Also. against us. We The. People. Want them Impeached, locked -up, and hanged for treason. ASAP.

      1. Yes impeach Nancy Pelosi and Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, waters,Omar,, Tlihb, comey, Obamas, Clinton’s, Cummings, joe biden,and his son, Mitt Romney, Carey, and the rest of the demonrats. It’s time they went to Gitmo for military Tribunals and hung for treason and the Logan Act and other crimes against America and our President Trump!

  2. Impeach Nancy Pelosi. She is worthless in the white house. For God sake, remove her before she gives heart attack to million of Americans. She doesn’t have any consideration for American people at all

  3. Pelosi is an old dumb broad who is getting dementia!! Clinton faced impeachment for MANY reasons!! Donald Trump has committed NO IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE other than winning the 2016 election!! That didn’t offend us!!

  4. Yes, charge Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff and Cummings with treason. Try them at GITMO . Jail is too good for any of them and we would also have to pay a lifetime bill to house and feed them. Execution is the best solution for these treasonous lying Demonrats.

  5. Work for your income Congress tired of all you receiving wages and benefits off the back of the tax payers. Socialism only works for those elite willing to sacrifice others for thier benefits.

  6. How democrats can tell such ludicrous lies with a straight face is beyond me. Most of the lies are deflecting from things they are actually guilty of but never charged with.

  7. And we don’t need Democrats trying to take American citizens rights and if we had wanted a democratic dictator we would have voted for Hillary I say Democrats are committing tyranny against the American people by trying to steal our rights and freedom

  8. I always trusted Nancy Pelosi had standards But she took her own standards and threw them out the door If that doesn’t account for being called the biggest hypocrite I don’t know what does She deserves to be impeach For interfering in a presidential election And not explaining Her Hypocrisy

  9. Send that troll Nancy Pelosi packing were do I sign
    IAM tired of her wasting tax dollors on witch Hunt
    Instead of doing her real Job !
    We’re do I sign count me in inpeach the puppet Nancy Pelosi

  10. Betty
    September 30, 2019

    The Democrats have now crossed the line with Progressive and Socialist policies that they are trying to use the first to march this country straight into the hands and rule of Communism and the latter into a state of poverty akin to that of Venezuela. Now that they are involving quid pro quo tactics with foreign countries, these idiots have crossed the line into treason, and their leaders plus their co-conspiratorial cohorts in the crooked media need to be rounded up, charged with treason and punished accordingly either by a firing squad or hanging. They are trying to overthrow a president elected by the Americans who have the right to make that choice and a right to punish any person or group or entire party of individuals so governed by an insane desire to destroy this country. We do not need to have a civil war, but we do need martial law to round up the traitors and bring them to justice by a military tribunal charged with protecting this country from destruction within,

  11. Remove Nancy Pelosi from office. Immediately. She’d be president if anything would happen to Trump and Pence. We can’t have that.

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