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ITS OVER!! FBI’s McCabe Drops MASSIVE BOMBSHELL, Robert Mueller ‘WireTapped’ Trump at Oval Office, Rossenstein Knew About It

Disgraced Former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe implied in his book; “The Threat: How the F.B.I. Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump” that Special Counsel Robert Mueller illegally taped President Trump while in a closed door meeting at the Oval office. (Breaking; Petrified Nancy Pelosi Unknowingly SMEARS Her Self On Live TV..Watch (Video)) 

Breitbat reporting, said

McCabe did not explain why he included the detail in his book.
McCabe says that Mueller left the phone behind after Trump had interviewed Mueller as a potential candidate to replace James Comey as FBI director. The interview reportedly took place in the Oval Office just one day before Mueller had been appointed special counsel in the so-called Russia collusion case.

Reports has it, Trump previously interviewed Robert Mueller to replace James Comey shortly before Mueller got appointed by Crooked Rod Rossenstein to become the Special Counsel in the Russia Collusion Hoax.

Even though Rod Rossenstein denied plans of wearing a wire to spy on Trump, this revelation clearly proves he had Mueller carry out his dirty job for him.

According to CNNs reports, it was “unlikely” Mueller informed Trump of Rossensteins offer to become a special counsel. And multiple reports say the White House was only given short notice that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was going to name Mueller as special counsel.

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  1. I would like to know when these Dirty Politicians are going to be held accountable for Their acts of High Treason, Obstruction of Government ,the Civil and Constitutional Crimes that they have committed against the People of U.S.A.!?!

  2. AMERICA……..The world is watching !!!! It appears that there is one set of laws for the people and another superior set of laws for elites……otherwise Obama…and the Clintons would be incarcerated for life or put to death for TREASON…..Money buys you immunity from justice it appears

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