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Right After Petition, Adam Schiff Slapped With Ethics Complaint Over Illegal Collusion With Foreign Entities

“Representative Adam Schiff seems to have improperly disclosed classified information in violation of the House Rules, and standards of conduct. He’s done this before, and his behavior shows that Schiff and his staff have a serious ethical problem. Schiff CANNOT be trusted to lead the highly sensitive House Intelligence Committee.” - This was stated in a petition targeting the removal of Adam Schiff.

Now, Adam Schiff got Slapped with an ethics complaint over illegal collusion with foreign entities.


Jon Hollis, a Republican who is running for Schiff’s seat in Los Angeles, has filed an ethics complaint against Adam Schiff based on 2017 prank call. In the call, a phony Ukrainian politician claimed to have graphic photos of the then newly-inaugurated President Trump.

“This letter serves as an official complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) regarding Rep. Adam Schiff’s illegal collusion with foreign entities and misuse of taxpayer resources for opposition research on political enemies,” one complaint, dated Aug. 28 and filed by Jon Hollis, a Republican challenger for the seat in California’s 28th Congressional District, stated. “The evidence supporting Adam’s Schiff’s violations of the law is compelling and irrefutable.”

At the time, Adam Schiff assumed he was talking with Ukrainian politician Andriy Parubiy, who solicited potentially damaging information and compromising pictures of Trump’s visit to Russia.

However, what Schiff didn’t know is the fact that he was talking to two Russian comedians — Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov.

“It is clear from the recorded phone call that Rep. Schiff knows he should not be trying to obtain opposition research on a political opponent from foreign nationals. He attempts to mask his wrongdoing by, on numerous occasions, mentioning that he will work with the FBI,” Hollis asserted in the letter. “In so doing, Rep. Schiff is attempting to involve the FBI in his corrupt attempt to obtain dirt on President Trump. The FBI should not be in the business of teaming up with politicians to use the power of government to dig up dirt on political opponents.”

My love for politics is unusual because I don't love it for the same reasons a lot of people do. I love politics because it challenges me. For me, being involved in politics isn't about having an opinion about every issue. It is about learning both sides of each issue and being fascinated by them. There are very few political issues that I have strong opinions on. The rest I either have yet to educate myself on or I understand both sides and have yet to choose which one I agree with.

7 Replies to “Right After Petition, Adam Schiff Slapped With Ethics Complaint Over Illegal Collusion With Foreign Entities

  1. Im almost positive that Adam S.went against the law when he tried to set Donald Trump up.He lied when he read what he had written down and I think he had help with it.I dont think he is smart enough to do it all by hisself.A smart person would have never did such a thing as this and other things that they did that broke the law.Justice has to be served in America if the U.S. is going to be a lovely Country.We cant let these dems keep trying to impeach a good president and bringing in lieing witnesses to destroy lives.This is not the America that I love and stand for.There is so much cruption going on with these dems and no justice that they think us republicans are so stupid that we wont do anything or figuire it out.Bill Bar,You need to let out the report and let the American people see this criminal behavior before America is destroyed.Thats exactly what is happening.We have to let it out and people will know who to vote for and will know the truth.Its been too,too long.America is a special Country.Dont let it be turned into a den of thieves,please.

    1. This that was said is all truth.
      Bill Barr hurry before we loose.
      The one true President Trump
      Who is. Really fighting for us Americans.
      To Save USA

  2. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi along with anyone else involved in Treason because this is the third time the Speaker and her attached liar Shiff have tried a COUP.

  3. They are guilty of so many crimes such as drug smuggling, child trafficking, selling arms to enemies and illegally working to overthrow an elected President. Both guilty of treason and more. Go get them,

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