Adam Schiff is FREAKING OUT Right Now After His Challenger Just NUKED Him With Straight FACTS

Adam Schiff Challenger Jennifer Barbosa Attacks Him For Chasing Impeachment While Allegedly Ignoring Homeless People In California District. Barbosa, is running as an independent against Adam Schiff in California’s 28th congressional district.

In her scathing criticism against Adam Schiff on Monday, Barbosa said:

Adam Schiff has been my congressman since 2012. He became my congressman through the redistricting process.

Since he became my congressman he has not presented any legislation that has become law. In terms of homelessness, what he’s done is he’s basically rubber-stamped Maxine Waters’ bill to deal with homelessness, and her bill essentially replicated the same failed policies that Mayor Garcetti has implemented in our city over the past few years.

We know they’re not working,” she alleged. Then called for Schiff to stop using taxpayer money on trying to impeach President Donald Trump.”