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After Multiple Corruptions, Crooked Comey UNDER FIRE For Demanding Full Transparacy In Mueller’s Investigation

Former FBI Director James Comey is making the case that extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary transparency. In an opinion piece to the Washington Post, James Comey says the greatest degree of transparency is possible and warranted an investigation of the presidency. “It doesn’t happen often, because ordinarily nothing outweighs the privacy interest of the subject of […]

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Top Democrats, Clinton WORST NIGHTMARE Just Came Through, Congress To Go After KEY PLAYERS In Clinton Russia-Collusion

After two years of investigation into Trump-Russia Collusion both the House Intelligence Committee and Senate Intelligence Committee have turned up empty, with no evidence to tie the President to the Russians. But even though same cannot be said about the Clinton-Campaign and its ties to the Russians, the democrats have been relentless in making sure […]

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Mueller Totally DEVASTATED Over Final Revelation Of No Collusion In Russia Witch Haunt!!

John Dowd, the former lead attorney in President Trump’s legal team said Tuesday, that the Russia-Collusion investigation spearheaded by Special counsel Robert Mueller has been a “total waste of time.” Speaking to an ABC News podcast, John Dowd said, “I don’t think there’ll be a report. I will be shocked if anything regarding the president […]