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Petrified Schiff SMEARS Himself On Live TV, Now HUMILIATED, Calls For Trump Testify Under Oath

On Sunday, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff appeared on NBC to discuss the ongoing investigation into the Russia Collusion Witch Hunt. During the interview, NBC host Chuck Todd asked Adam Schiff if Mueller is making a mistake by not having President Trump testify under oath. Crooked Schiff said “yes, I think it is […]

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Dem’s HITS New Low, Targets Trumps Son In Aggressive Attack At President Trump. ‘Launches New Trump Probe

On Monday, House Judiciary Committee officially launched a probe into potential “obstruction of justice” by President Trump. 81 individuals and organizations associated with Donald Trump got document requests with a two weeks ultimatum to respond. In which failure to do so, could be hit by legally binding subpoenas. Among the list of names are; Donald […]

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Heads About To Roll, Mueller, Others PROVOKED, President Trump Just DROPPED Massive TRUTHBOMBS On Dem’s

On Saturday, during President Trumps epic speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, Trump systematically attacked U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, mocked his former AG Jeff Sessions, and former FBI Director James Comey. While addressing a cheering audience at the annual CPAC in Oxon Hill, Maryland, Trump trashed the events that led to […]

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ITS OVER!! FBI’s McCabe Drops MASSIVE BOMBSHELL, Robert Mueller ‘WireTapped’ Trump at Oval Office, Rossenstein Knew About It

Disgraced Former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe implied in his book; “The Threat: How the F.B.I. Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump” that Special Counsel Robert Mueller illegally taped President Trump while in a closed door meeting at the Oval office. (Breaking; Petrified Nancy Pelosi Unknowingly SMEARS Her Self On Live TV..Watch […]

adam schiff Donald Trump Robert Mueller Russia collusion

Heads About To Roll, Terrified Schiff FINALLY SETS UP Mueller, Hangs Him Out To Dry (VIDEO)

Democrats in full PANIC Mode.Although the infamous Russia “Witch Hunt” spearheaded by Robert Mueller is nearly at its end phase, Democrats are beginning to feel worst than there were when they hoped Trump will be locked up and out of the 2020 Presidential race by the end of the year. Fraustrated Dem. Senators had previously […]

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Dem’s. In TOTAL SHOCK, Pelosi And Others Loosing Sleep Over What Trump Just Did (VIDEO)

President Trump on Friday, demands Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “Witch Hunt” be brought to an end. Making reference to Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr’s conclusion that “There was no Collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.” (Trending; Finally, Pelosi FURIOUS, goes down HARD With Worst News of Her Remaining Career)  Highly respected Senator Richard […]

adam schiff Donald Trump Robert Mueller Russia collusion

BREAKING!! Schiff In DEEP STATE CRISIS After Mueller Investigation Just DROPPED GIANT HAMMER Over Trump-Russian Collusion

Nearly a week since Disgraced Ex-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe revealed members of the Trump administration were ready to oust him from office, Adam Schiff, the U.S. Representative for California also said he was not ready to accept the results of special counsel Robertl Mueller’s investigation. (Related; The END, It’s A Trap, Trey Gowdy Just […]

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Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller We all know the basis for Mueller’s witch-hunt is on the assumption that Russians hacked DNC and Hillary’s email back in 2016 in an effort to help then candidate Trump win the Presidency. Despite months of investigation, no valid evidence has proven that Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 […]

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Adam Schiff and Roger Stone During an interview on fox news with Laura Ingraham, Roger Stone, a long time Trump associate stated clearly that he will not bear false witness against anyone. “My comment on ABC may have been misconstrue, what i meant was that i’m not going to bear false witness against anybody. I […]

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Robert Mueller and President Trump Dan Bongino, an American conservative commentator and former secret service agent took to fox news to expose the massive cover up behind special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. According to Bongino, “the Mueller’s probe was initiated to cover up a lot of DOJ and FBI wrong doings.” After two years of […]