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After Denied Presidential Pardon, Cohen Drops WORST Lie, Driving Fear Through American Hearts

The world renown Pathological and convicted liar Michael Cohen has been caught in another lie, and this lie may shed more light on the series of lies he has told Congress, negatively impacting his jail time. According to Fox News, “a lawyer representing former Trump attorney Michael Cohen said Wednesday that Cohen directed a lawyer […]

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All Hell Broke Loose, Dem’s WORST NIGHTMARE, Limbaugh Drops SHOCKER Info. On Presidential Coup By Clintons Using Cohen

Congratulations to Michael Cohen, the first witness to testify before congress after being prepped to go to jail for lying to congress. Now that Cohen’s testimony might be a useful weapon in taking down president Trump, the Democrats believe he is now a saint, telling the truth. Isn’t it ironic? On thursday, Dem. Rep. Carolyn […]

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Cohen SET DEMOCRATS UP, As Jim Jordan Becomes Schiffs WORST NIGHTMARE, RAINS HELL In Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, Michael Cohen the former personal attorney of President Trump told Congress that he and his team had made preparations with top Congressional Democrats before his testimony to the House Oversight and Reform Committee. “What did you talk to Mr. Schiff about?” Cohen: “I spoke to Mr. Schiff about topics that were going to […]