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After Bending Too Many Laws, Crooked Hillary Found Guilty of Another Massive Lie

Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential norminee almost to become the united states president, publicly rebutted her self from the 2020 presidential race in March 2019. Speaking to reporters at News 12 Long Island what her 2020 intentions are, Hillary said: “I’m not running, but I’m going to keep on working and speaking and standing […]

2020 presidential election Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton

Crooked Hillary Clinton FURIOUS As Bernie Sander DISSES Her, Drops The Shocker On Her Actions In 2020 Presidential Bid “I Think Not” (VIDEO)

On friday, 2020 Presidential Candidate and Dem. Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders appeared on The View, and dropped the shocker on Hillary Clinton. Sanders made known that he doesn’t plan on seeking advice from Hillary Clinton because they have ‘fundamental differences.’ Sanders explained that while he respects Clinton, they don’t exactly agree on a variety of […]