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Alaska School District Bans ‘The Great Gatsby’

  An Alaska school board voted last week to remove five books, including classic American works like I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and The Great Gatsby, from its curriculum for high school English electives because of sexual references, graphic language and other concerns,” the New York Times reports. “The other books on the list — Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, Catch-22 by […]

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Biden Won’t Open Up Senate Records

    Joe Biden’s campaign wants journalists to “rigorously vet” Tara Reade’s sexual assault claims, but Business Insider reports Biden won’t allow access to papers from his U.S. Senate archives, even though Reade says they may contain records documenting some of her claims. Biden has, however, sent campaign operatives to examine the papers. Michael Stern: Why I’m […]

2020 election 2020 presidential election

Pelosi Caught On Camera Doing The Unthinkable Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

    First, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was caught twisting President Trump’s words in an attempt to remove him from office and now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just got caught on camera doing same amid coronavirus pandemic. This shows how desperate the Democrats are to make governance unbearable for Trump and his administration. […]

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Trump May Soon Replace Alex Azar

    White House officials are weighing a plan to replace Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar,” Politico reports. Wall Street Journal: “President Trump is prone to unexpected staffing moves and dismissals, so the decision could still go either way. But people familiar with the discussions say they have accelerated in recent days with a far […]

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Trump Slams Kemp for Reopening Georgia

    President Trump said he told Gov. Brian Kemp (R) he “totally” disagreed with his decision to roll back coronavirus restrictions and allow shuttered businesses such as nail salons and barber shops to reopen this week, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. Said Trump: “So do I agree with him? No. But I respect him and I’ll […]

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Biden Campaign Rift Opens Over Digital Strategies

  Joe Biden’s campaign leadership is clashing over the future of its digital operation — a rift that comes as campaigning has moved largely online and as Biden faces a yawning deficit against President Trump’s massive digital operation,” Politico reports. “The disagreement among Biden’s top advisers centers on whether to hire most of its digital team internally […]

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How coronavirus testing fumbles squandered valuable time

    As coronavirus test kits were malfunctioning in public health labs across the country, Dr. Robert Redfield repeatedly assured his fellow task force officials in February that the problem would be quickly solved. The White House had little reason to doubt Redfield. His agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, had a storied history as […]