Best Computer Courses for students In Nigeria

Best Computer Courses for students, If you too are thinking about making a career in computer, then this article has been written for you only. Because, in this article, I am giving you information about Best Computer Courses in Nigeria. So that it will be easier for you to make a career in computer field.

Why Do you need to Choose Computer Courses?

Nigeria is a developing country. Where new technology, new knowledge, new skills are always required. Therefore, it is prudent to take a computer course along with an academic degree.

Whose returns will give you a big profit. I am giving four important reasons for taking a computer course. So that you can decide on your own why should I take a computer course?.

Best Computer Courses for students In Nigeria

Online study facility

You do not even have to go far from home to do a computer course. Because, most computer courses are being made available in online and distance mode.

Therefore, whenever you want, you can start learning by taking admission in these courses and preparing a study plan according to your time and needs.

Today’s Need

Computer is the technology of the future. However, it will be built on the foundation of today. Therefore, the demand for computers and related technology is increasing day by day.

Defense, education, medical, science, government have signed computers in all fields. And is spreading its legs. The Digital India program of the Government of India is a better example of this.

No need for traditional education

You do not even need to complete a traditional degree to take a computer course. You can take admission directly after passing

Need less time

You can complete computer courses in a very short time. Because the duration of short term computer course and long term computer course vary. You can choose any type of course according to your need.

Short term courses prove to be very beneficial for professionals. Because they have practical experience of the industry. With the help of these courses, they learn new skills soon.

Different types of computer courses

Degree Courses

Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and Ph.D. degrees are also offered in computer technology. Degrees are being offered in many different fields related to computers in our country.

You can choose the degree course according to your interest, need and demand. These degrees can be easily done through government and private universities.

BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications 3rd Year

MCA Master of Computer Applications 3 Year Bachelor

B. Sc. (CS) Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) 3 years

M. Sc. (CS) Master of Science (Computer Science) 2 year Bachelor

B. Tech (CSE) Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering) 4 Year

B.Tech (IT) Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology) 4th Year

M.Tech (CSE) Master of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering) 2 years B.Tech/B. E.

M.Tech (IT) Master of Technology (Information Technology) 2 years B.Tech/B. E.

B. E. (CSE) Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering) 4 Year

B. E. (IT) Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) 4 years


Computer Diploma Courses

Computer diploma courses are also popular along with degree courses. Because their duration is less than half the degree courses. Therefore, there is a discussion about computer diploma courses among students.

The duration of diploma courses can range from six months to two years, depending on the content and university of the diploma.

Post Graduate Diplomas – The computer diploma which has the minimum qualification for admission or enrollment (graduation). It is called Post Graduate Diploma. His name starts with the word post graduate. They are also called PG diplomas in the common language. These are considered equivalent to a post graduate degree.

Graduate Diplomas – The minimum qualification for which diploma is 10th or 12th pass. They are called Graduate Diplomas. These diplomas are equivalent to graduates. There is no PG word at the beginning of his name.

Computer Certificate Courses

Computer certificate courses are very popular. Courses from three months to 12 months are called certificate courses. However, their duration is not the only reason that a course is a certificate course or diploma or degree.

The course, content, difficulty level, fees, etc., determine whether a course will be called a certificate course or a diploma course.

Computer Professional Courses

Computer courses in which training is given about a particular computer skill, it is called a professional computer course.

The computer and the person the industry is used for. It can be adapted to the needs of the same person and industry. Therefore, the demand for professional skills and professional courses is increasing.

  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Web Designing Courses
  • Mobile App Development Courses
  • Software and Programming Language Courses
  • Microsoft Office Courses

These are some of the popular professional computer skills on which many different small courses are made. You can take admission in these courses to get professional knowledge in any one skill.

Basic Computer Courses

We are taught to run computer only from school. Its purpose is only to give basic information about the computer so that the computer can be run and simple actions can be done.

Apart from the school, this skill is also provided by some private computer institutes. A special course has been developed to provide basic information about computers, which is called Basic Computer Course.

Knowledge of computer fundamentals is made available to students through basic computer courses. This course is also conducted by the government. Which has been made mandatory for some government jobs.

Best Computer Course Names

  1. Digital Marketing Course
  2. SEO Course
  3. Data Analytic Course
  4. Artificial Intelligence Course
  5. Machine Learning Course
  6. Computer Programming Course
  7. Web Developer Course
  8. Web Designer Course
  9. App Developer Course
  10. Game Designer Course
  11. Computer Animation Course
  12. Full Stack Developer Course

Digital Marketing Course

The traditional way of advertising has changed. Now products are being sold digitally instead of newspapers, magazines, TV commercials, hoardings, pamphlets, loudspeakers. Because instead of meeting people on Choupal, people have started spending time on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TickTalk.

Where business is there. That’s why marketing has also become digital. Which is named digital marketing. Through which products are advertised through the means available on the Internet.

SEO Course

You typed a few words on Google and tapped on the search button. A page opens in front of you in no time.

In which the names and webpages of many websites are included sequentially.

Have you thought that the website which is coming on the first number is why the site is coming on the first number? Do not think, because this work is done by an SEO expert.

You are not! 4 However, you can easily master this most demanding skill in a few days by taking admission in SEO course.

Data Analytics Course

Every single action is tracked on the Internet. Due to this web activity a lot of data is generated. From this data, our behavior, likes, dislikes, interests, occupation, gender, location etc. are collected.

With which we can be easily targeted. A data scientist performs the work of extracting work information from this data. Which is used in product and marketing campuses.

Artificial Intelligence Course

We cannot think of computers like humans. But with the help of Artificial Intelligence Technology, thinking power is being developed.

The use of artificial intelligence technology is increasing. Therefore, the demand for professionals of this technology is also happening in the industry. Students can get a good job by taking a certificate course in Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning Course

Machine learning courses are for professionals who want to master Artificial Intelligence.

Computer Programming Course

Whatever work you do on a computer, do all the work with the help of computer software. The browser on which you are reading this article is also a software.

Which is developed by computer programmers. If you enjoy coding. And you can sit for hours in front of a computer screen without getting bored. So you can try your hand in programming course.

Web Developer Course

Information on the Internet is available in the form of webpages. The people who create these webpages are called web developers.

This work is exactly like programming. The only difference is the product made. By doing a web developer course, you can start earning before the end of studies.

Web developer course can be done from 10th class onwards. Therefore, it can also be taken as part time skill. And then, after experience gradually, it would be right to think about full time career.

Web Designer Course

A web designer performs the work of deciding the appearance of information on webpages. This work is done with creativity. Therefore, it requires creativity.

Essential Skills – Along with the skill to understand the need of the user, knowledge of HTML, CSS, Photoshop, other Graphics Tools is necessary.

App Developer Course

The way software is made to do a particular task in a computer. Similarly, apps are developed for this in smartphones

. You also know them by the name of mobile app. This skill can be learned by doing an app development course. And a career can be made as an app developer.

Essential Skills – Knowledge of required tools and languages ​​is required along with understanding of smartphone operating system. For example, Android Studios, Java, C etc.

Game Designer Course

You must have played games like PUBG, Angry Birds etc. The graphics that are seen in these games and other mobile games, the rules of the games, the settings, the way of playing the game.

A game designer does all this work. Game designing courses are offered in many computer institutes. You can choose the course according to the available resources and your requirement.

Computer Animation Course

We all grew up watching cartoons in childhood. You must have remembered Tom and Jerry.

Forgot? Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, Motu-Patlu This is a TV character based on all the animation. Whose children like it a lot. They are created through computer animation.

This creative job can be achieved by taking a professional course in graphic design. And through the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, one can learn the nuances of animation.

Full Stack Developer Course

When the web designer and the web developer is in the same person, it is called a full stack developer.

Meaning, a person does both tasks. Nowadays, the demand for full stack developer is also increasing. Therefore, by doing this course, a career can be made as a web developer.

Essential skills – Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, CMS, Graphics Designing etc. is necessary.


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