Canadian Universities Entry Requirements For International Students



International students have found it difficult to understand the requirements for Canadian universities. The Canadian universities have a particular entry requirement and if the following procedures are followed it will be easy for students that are applying.

Why Study In Canada

Canada is highly rated when it comes to its standard of education. Canadian universities are among the best globally and as such international students choose to further their education in Canada. Canadian certificates are highly recognized in the world and would give owners of such certificates an edge in the employment sector.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements differ from program to program. However, it is due to note these procedures as it applies to all programs. Also, international students should keep making inquiries from their schools about things they do not understand.

  • Choose a Program

Choosing a program should not be hard for international students as they already know what they want to study. Canadain university as earlier said is amongst the best globally. Hence, they offer different courses which give the international students an option to choose hat will be comfortable to handle. Importantly, most of their courses are taught in English (undergraduate and graduate courses). The courses they offer cuts across arts, to science, business, environmental sciences, etc.

  • Prepare the Paperwork 

The basic requirements needed to start processing the admission includes;

–  recommendation letter;

– letter of motivation;

– proof of completion of previous studies (not applicable to all schools)

– and a list of previous work if applicable.

Therefore, to meeting with these requirements, international students should send the university a copy of their bachelor’s/secondary school transcript. Furthermore, non-English speaking international students would undergo a test in IELTS or TOEFL. As soon as the test is passed it should be sent to the university.

  • Be Wary of Admission Requirements

As earlier stated, students should keep inquiring from their school about their requirements. As it varies from school to school, students should be updated on the changes the school makes. To do this, students should keep visiting the schools’ official website. In addition, the application is handled by the school you are applying to and not a third party. In fact, students can apply for various courses/ universities at a time.

  • Submit Your Application

95% of applications are done online as the forms are available on their website. However, some schools would request you pay an application fee. After filling the application form, attach the necessary documents and mail them to the university you are applying for.

  • Wait for the Admission 

Admission takes time so you need to be patient a little, admission comes out by end of spring. Meanwhile, if you applied to a private university, they would require an upfront payment of the school fees for the first semester. However, the university will offer you an admission letter of admission and admission confirmation of visa and other necessary documents.

  • Apply for a Visa

Upon receipt of admission, begin the visa process. The application takes up to60 days to process and requires important documents that could be time-wasting. There is no need to waste time. Students without the visa will not be allowed to stay in Canada.

  • Travel To Canada

Once you are cleared (gotten the admission from school and student visa), you can travel to Canada and begin your studies.  Endeavor to carry important documents along with you.

Good luck!


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