Joe Biden Goes Full Retard, Embarrasses Pelosi, Schiff Others On Live TV



If Former Vice president Joe Biden is the Democratic party’s top gun when it comes to challenging President Trump in the upcoming presidential election, then its very clear that they are sure heading for a landslide come November.

On several occasions, Joe Biden has been seen stumbling over his words on live TV, forgetting what he was saying like his speech was being controlled by a flip switch. Now my question is this; How do Democrats feel comfortable bringing forward someone with such a high level of forgetfulness to represent them in a presidential race? That shows how retarded they are.

Biden’s forgetfulness might even be the Democratic party’s least concern at the moment as he is several steps behind the Trump administration because everything he is suggesting has already been put into action by Trump’s Coronavirus task force.

From Gate Pundit:

Biden on Tuesday lost his way again during an interview with CNN.

“We have to do three things quickly,” Biden said.

But Sleepy Joe stumbled over his words and could only remember two things because he forgot what he was talking about.


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