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New Lawsuit Against Adam Schiff Lands Him In Serious Legal Jeopardy Citing Unprofessional And Divisive Misconduct

It’s finally happening, nemesis just caught up with Adam Schiff over his “Unprofessional and Devisive Misconduct” for his exaggerated account of the details of President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a hearing in September and his decision not to allow members who aren’t on the three committees overseeing the probe into a closed-door hearing.

Fox news reports:

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz filed an ethics complaint against House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Wednesday, citing “rules broken” and “false statements” as Schiff plays a starring role in the House impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Gaetz sent a letter Wednesday to the House Ethics Committee urging the panel to open an official investigation into Schiff, accusing the Democrat of improper conduct during the impeachment inquiry and the Russia investigation.

“Today I filed an ethics complaint against @RepAdamSchiff for: Distorting @POTUS’s call with President Zelensky; Lying to the public about ‘Russian Collusion;’ Blocking Members of Congress from attending impeachment depositions,” Gaetz tweeted. “Schiff must be held accountable.”

Fox news added:

Gaetz said Schiff was “grossly misrepresenting the content of the call to the American people” and argued Schiff’s “bizarre distortion” of the call was in violation of House rules.

“This behavior does not ‘reflect credibility on the House,’ nor does it follow ‘the spirit and the letter of the Rules of the House,’” Gaetz wrote. “It is incumbent on Members of Congress to be accurate and honest to the American people, and Chairman Schiff has been neither.”

He added that Schiff’s actions were a “blatant and clear-cut violation” of precedent, which he cited as specifically “prohibiting making ‘accusations that the President has committed a crime,’ or claiming ‘that the President has done something illegal.’

“Unfortunately, Mr. Schiff’s behavior cannot be construed as an ‘honest mistake,’ as it is long-standing and habitual,” Gaetz said, noting that the Intelligence Committee chairman claimed throughout the Russia investigation that he had “more than circumstantial evidence” that Trump and his campaign were “colluding” with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election.

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16 Replies to “New Lawsuit Against Adam Schiff Lands Him In Serious Legal Jeopardy Citing Unprofessional And Divisive Misconduct

  1. I have only God’s love for Adam Schiff and I don’t think God would like that he lies, fabricates, creates, and is performing illegal actions of treason every day since President Trump was elected. He, Pelosi, the AOC=three and others should be voted out, asked to step down from Congress however it has to be done. Treason is a terrible offense and many have committed it.

    1. Sandra Honor and respect for you..For forgiving Shameful Schiff and Pelosi as well as others.. Whom are doing harm towards peoples they don’t even know nor care for…. Recall Palms 118.. Prayer songs… Where in part says… Trust in the Lord, and NOT in any Humans..To whom no salvation belongs…Those Corrupt Politicians will face a far higher judgement when the time comes… Don’t trust them they are in it for themselves… It’s amazing that the scriptures wrote about human failures long time ago, giving us warnings… Not to trust Humans but to Trust the Lord when the time comes of his choosing…. Honor respect …

    2. Yes, very welll said. Although it troubled me to hear that the resolution went thru…i needed to be humbled and believe God has a plan, (I didnt see it, n he slowed me down to think not feel) n a better plan it will be! Thank U Lord. Thank u for reminding me to GIVE IT TO GOD…

    3. I cant believe that these 2 are not in prison already.The call was not anything like Schiff read it off to be.This is a set up.They set the president up with abusive criminal behavior by lieing on him.

    4. I think we’re getting close to take down. I think the reason so many are allowed to keep being corrupt is I think Trump team is planning a 1 or 2 day takedown=all at one time. I’ve read this several times. This keeps anyone from running if they arrested 1 at a time. Plus it keeps civil unrest to a minimum and not stretched out over a long period. They still are receiving info on these higher ups. I doubt Trump would go through all this trouble only to let the most corrupt leaders walk. And remember…Trump has always kept his word! I can’t picture him going back on his word now. I haven’t seen any indication from him or anyone else he would be doing that. One Prophecy I heard said when you see 3 past presidents removed it will be time. Isn’t Bush Sr only one so far? Keep faith a little longer…….and pray for President Trump’s safety.

    5. I feel the same way Sandra. The Republican senate could have stopped all of this long ago though, if not for the Rino’s. Remember the picture of Pelosi and Schumer holding up a giant block w up of the letter that they and Maxine Waters signed and sent to the military telling them to disobey President Trump in regards to immigration? “TREASON!” Had they taken action then, none of this would be going on right now. They need to arrest the four of them for treason, have a speedy but lawful court hearing for them, then treat them as the traitors they are. Put them in front of a firing squad and…No More Trouble. MAY God bless President Trump, and the United States of America.

  2. Adam Schiff Nancy Pelosi chuck Schumer nadler brennan mccabe Rosenstein clapper McCabe stroke page Biden obama Clinton’s 120,000 sealed indictments . I hope you all get arrested . Bushes and all the other crooks . I cant wait to see you go to jail.

  3. Adam Schiff should have already been charged with Treason along with Pelosi etc and Schummer word had it his daughter had reported him as a pedifile supposedly the entire Democratic Party should be arrested for trying to remove a seated President along with the 14 Republicans that are supporting the Democrats.

  4. I can’t understand the justice of this country…
    A Maxime waters urging her followers to attack Trump everywhere and nothing happens to her…..she would be jailed in Australia and executed in arab countries.
    Pathetic institution

  5. Trump has always said he wants Americans to see how these people are. And his team is still gathering evidence. I believe indictments for these people are in place. It’s extremely frustrating waiting for justice!

  6. No doubt they will be. We have a super smart, super short president. There is a reason why he is waiting. Trust the plan. WWG1WGA

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