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“ILHAN OMAR IN HUGE TROUBLE, GUILTY OF TREASON” Shocking Testimony Reveals Omar Was Recruited By Foreign Agency To Steal Sensitive Info From Americans

Ilhan Omar in huge trouble after a Florida judge hears some evidence in a shocking case involving the Congresswoman’s “backyard dealings” with Qatar and Iran.

First, she was found guilty of breaking campaign finance rules by improperly using campaign money for out-of-state travel while a state representative. Secondly Conservative group Judicial Watch has called on the House Ethics Committee to investigate Omar for alleged offenses, including immigration fraud and other criminal offences. And now this new claims of Omar working for Qatar and iraq to steal sensitive information from US.

GOPUSA reports that Ilhan Omar was recruited by a foreign government, received funding from a foreign government and passed sensitive information through intermediaries to Iran.

According to the report:

The claims came during testimony by Kuwati-born Canadian businessman Alan Bender, who was giving evidence in the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani. The Qatari emir’s brother stands accused of ordering his American bodyguard to murder two people, and of holding an American citizen hostage. His deposition, obtained by Al Arabiya English, was authenticated by the attorney for the plaintiffs, according to the publication.

Speaking from Toronto by video link, Bender told the Florida District Court that he met with Qatar’s Secretary to the Emir for Security Affairs Mohammad bin Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Masnad and two other senior Qatari officials.

According to his sworn deposition, the three officials told him: “If it wasn’t for our cash, Ilhan Omar would be just another black Somali refugee in America collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends.”

Bender testified that the officials asked him to recruit American politicians and journalists as Qatari assets, and that when he objected, was told that several prominent figures were already on the payroll. US Congresswoman Omar was described as the “jewel in the crown,” he said.

The deposition shows he further told the court that, during a 2017 meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Omar swore allegiance to him. At the time she was a junior state representative in Minnesota.

Omar was said to also have passed information to Qatar which was subsequently handed along to Iran, and was actively involved in recruiting other American politicians to likewise work for Qatar, Bender testified. [As reported by GOPUSA]

Sam is a reporter at Truthseries who covers a range of subjects, particularly focusing on media bias, politics, and the convergence of politics and culture. Keeping our politicians in check should be a civic duty.

7 Replies to ““ILHAN OMAR IN HUGE TROUBLE, GUILTY OF TREASON” Shocking Testimony Reveals Omar Was Recruited By Foreign Agency To Steal Sensitive Info From Americans

  1. Why don’t you moron politicians do something about this Omar instead of screwing around and wasting our money with our duly elected president. I’m sick of seeing all of our tax money wasted for the last 3 years when you damn Democrats have been trying to take him to the impeachment crap with no fuckin evidence. I’m sick of you Democrats trying to take an impeach our duly elected president me and over 60 million other Americans voted for him.

  2. at one time you could just look at someones earmarks and tell who owns our representatives but they plugged that hole long ago or half of congress would swing with her but nothing that happens in Washington District of Criminals surprises me anymore

  3. How did this treasonous mutt jokingly say 9/11 ?, “some people did something…”, please Mr. President, it’s time that ” We the people “, indict, convict and execute this anti-semitic, incestuous, American hating strumpet and send our enemies the message, while we are a forgiving people but when you abuse our system of law and take kindness for weaknesses, commit treason, putting our men and women in the service of our country, keeping us safe from enemies, foreign and domestic, in harm’s way, due to classified information smuggled to our enemies by you Ilhad Said Omar, the noose is your reward and your entire family shall be deported.

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