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Former U.S Attorney General Deals Adam Schiff, Top Dems Blow They Can’t Recover From

Democrats don’t want their anti-Trump CIA “whistleblower” to testify.

They know if America finds out his liberal background, ties to the Obama deep state, and far left anti-Trump work history, their case will be ruined.

According to a Fox News previous report in September:

Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker took the issue on Thursday with a reported whistleblower complaint about incidents including a private conversation between President Trump and a foreign leader.

“This is a clear example of someone from the Deep State … from the intelligence community,” Whitaker said on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.” “It was completely overblown. … It will be a big nothing burger.”

On Monday former US Attorney General told Harris Faulkner that the “whistleblower” is NOT guaranteed anonymity and should testify in public.

Matthew Whitaker: A whistleblower is never guaranteed anonymity. All they’re guaranteed is that they won’t be retaliated against from a workplace and a job standpoint. For me, I believe this whistleblower does need to publicly testify and be subject to cross examination which is consistent with the American legal traditions that we all believe make this a great country.

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