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FAILED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP? Trump makes unscheduled stop at military hospital to undergo tests for possible deliberate poisoning of food.

PLEASE NOTE!!! This is an Exclusive Natural News report via Alex Jones at InfoWars. Every single word in this article is as copied from Natural News.

The President’s unscheduled stop at the Walter Reed military hospital on Saturday involved a battery of tests to determine whether the President was exposed to a chemical agent that is suspected of being introduced into his food, says a White House connected source who shared detailed with Alex Jones of

“Medical staff at Walter Reed did not get a staff-wide notice about a presidential visit to the medical center in Bethesda, Maryland, ahead of Trump’s arrival, according to that source,” reports “Typically, Walter Reed’s medical staff would get a general notice about a “VIP” visit to the medical center ahead of a presidential visit, notifying them of certain closures at the facility. That did not happen this time, indicating the visit was a non-routine visit and scheduled last minute.”

This action was initiated by the sudden onset of symptoms experienced by the President’s food tester, who was reported stricken with such severe symptoms that urgent medical tests were conducted on that that person while the President was diverted to Walter Reed for a priority medical examination involving a battery of chemical tests.

“The President’s motorcade drove to the medical center unannounced, with reporters under direction not to report his movement until they arrived Saturday at Walter Reed.,” reports Fox59. “A separate source familiar with the situation described Trump’s visit as ‘abnormal,’ but added that Trump, 73, appeared to be in good health late Friday.”

Fox59 confirms that Trump needed tests which were not available at the White House clinic facility, saying, “Several experts familiar with White House medical procedures said that Trump can get routine labwork done at the White House’s on-site clinic, indicating Trump needed tests that can’t be done there.”

According to the White House connected source who spoke directly with Alex Jones, chemical testing confirmed the presence of a molecular byproduct of a potential toxin, although it is important to note that molecular byproducts can come from many different sources and it’s not always possible to determine the molecular structure of the original molecule from which the byproduct was derived.

The President is reportedly fine and did not experience the same symptoms that are reported to have overcome the food tester.

Alex Jones told Natural News that he believes this incident may have been a deep state attack using an exotic chemical poison with a delayed activation signature. He underscored, “the importance of people understanding that we are in the climate of civil war, and this kind of attempted poisoning is par for the course, historically speaking, when they want to take out a leader” and make it appear to be death by natural causes.

Sam is a reporter at Truthseries who covers a range of subjects, particularly focusing on media bias, politics, and the convergence of politics and culture. Keeping our politicians in check should be a civic duty.

16 Replies to “FAILED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON PRESIDENT TRUMP? Trump makes unscheduled stop at military hospital to undergo tests for possible deliberate poisoning of food.


    1. I 100% agree with You. Harold A. Madison.
      That pond scum spirit entity without saying his wretched name, is really out to do whatever it takes. Still throwing a temper tantrum because he can’t be like the most High. 🙄
      But Almighty YHWH (Yahweh) Our God Is In Control; has always been in control and will always be in control.

  2. I will pray that POTUS puts on the full armor of God and I will suit up with him. This is a battle for the soul of America and its people. We as a nation have been given a reprieve by our Creator God to recognize our sinful ways. He is exposing the evil that abounds. Our awakening is a national revival carried out in our willingness to not only to face the truth, but also accept Jesus as our savior. The storm is upon us.

    1. Katamaran- Wow! Absolutely True. I couldn’t have said that better myself. I will put on the Holy Armor with our President as well. To Pray against the fiery darts of the devil and against darkness and principalities In The Precious Holy Name Of Jesus Christ Our Lord And Savior, Amen And Shalom.

    2. God is allowing us to see face to face our own corruption & what it is doing to our country. We have the chance to turn back to HIM.

  3. Love our President and pray for his well being all the time.

    Voter fraud is rampet. We must be aware it us thru the machines where as the Republican vote can switch to Democratic.

    This MUST be exposed at the servers.

  4. God is good and I give him all the praise and glory for putting our great leader of the enslaved American people in power to take down such a evil bunch of satanic people continue to watch over our leader and to deliver us from evil that has been unleashed upon us

    1. Arie Bowden- Yes Lord God! And do all these things In The Precious Holy Name Of Jesus Christ, Amen And Shalom.
      “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me” — God, Isaiah 54:17

  5. ronald november 19,2019 4:30a.m. Unfortunately president trump’s protectors will need to watch much closer in the coming days.The left has gone wacko and completely on murder mode because nothing else worked.Look at John Kennedy,he was aware of the deep state and pedophiles in government and they killed him.The American need the Demorats to know if something happens to Potus it will likewise happen to them We are not going back to days when demorats and their handlers are running this country and no more lies. There are still enough armed Americans and patriots to make a change

  6. When the IG report comes out and Bar announces his findings the indictments start. Hillary will need to be on suicide watch better than Epstein. She knows to much and said if she goes down they all go down!

  7. They better think long and hard before any thing else even comes close TO OUR BELOVED PRESDENT OR HIS FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( FOR WE THE PEPOLE HAVE SPOKEN )

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