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Swedish prosecutors on Tuesday announced they were dropping a rape investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after a review of the evidence.

Premium Times reports:

Swedish prosecutors announced on Tuesday they had discontinued rape investigation against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.

Eva-Marie Persson, a top Swedish prosecutor, said the charges were dropped after a review showed the evidence against Mr Assange had weakened since 2010 when the allegations were first levelled.

Although the complainant’s evidence was deemed credible and reliable, crucial facts of the matter had faded and stood little chance of being sustained in court, Ms Persson said at a televised press briefing on Tuesday.

Assange, 48, has been fighting the potential charges since August 2010, when an investigation was launched after two women accused him of sexual offenses during a visit to Stockholm.

Assange, who has always denied the allegations, then fled to the United Kingdom and eventually took up residency in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy. He spent seven years holed up in the embassy before he was dragged out in April.

Mr Assange and the Wikileaks team have also been clear that they suspect foul play behind the allegations. And on Twitter Wikileaks had written that the charges were part of a campaign of “dirty tricks” against the website.

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  1. So will he get the time he spent in prison back?
    Will he get his integrity back?
    Will the government that charged him clear his name?
    Will Wikileaks be aloud to operate freely as a member of the press and with full freedom of speech?

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