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The first public impeachment hearing into President Donald Trump began Wednesday with arguments over whether or not to out a whistleblower.

The article states the following;

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff began the hearing with his opening statements, saying that the president’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president was an impeachable offense and questioning whether Trump was trying to “exploit” the country’s “vulnerability” for his own personal gain.

The inquiry, which is based on an August whistleblower complaint, has received pushback from Republicans who have voiced support for being able to question the person behind the complaint.

Republican New York Rep. Elise Stefanik announced a point of order before hearing from two witnesses, sparking an argument within the committee.

She noted that “only one member and their staff on this committee has direct knowledge of the identity of the whistleblower” and wondered if Schiff would be preventing witnesses from answering members’ questions as he had “in the closed-door depositions.”

Arguments broke out following her comments about who the whistleblower is and whether House members will be able to question the person.

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  1. Adam Schiff just lied to us and the American people he said he didn’t know who the whistleblower was when the whistleblower spoke with him it’s a known fact he just stood there and lied to the American people right in front of Congress what a piece of crap

  2. Watched the impeachment n dems will NOT get their way: Hearsy is acceptable, WTH! Gossip? “Duck duck goose”, its a damn game. Mr Taylor is not a good witness; he said they said he said n a congressman says its ok. HELL NO NOT ACCEPTABLE! now lets get on w making this Great land even Greater. IMPEACH ALL DEMONCRATS

  3. Good for Reps. Jordan, Nunes, etc. for calling out these treasonous Democrats who have been trying to get rid of our President since he took office with fake Russian Collusion Delusion & 2 wasted years of dementia ridden Mueller Report. Now the cooked up fake impeachable Ukraine lies. Us citizens are sick of these Deep State supported Bullshit Democrat allegations & their LAME STREAM PUPPETS REPORTING THE SAME BULLSHIT. You should all be jailed for your treasonous, coup attempts.

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