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Pelosi Caught NECK DEEP In Ukrainian Political Affairs - “She’s Guilty”

Aide working for Nancy Pelosi Ivanna Voronovych connected to the Ukrainian Military/Government.

The Gateway Pundit Reports:

Nancy Pelosi is neck deep in Ukraine politics.  Her legislative aide, Ivanna Voronovych, is from the Ukraine and is connected to the Ukrainian Embassy, the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian party life.

Young Ivanna Voronovych was a party girl in the Ukraine and somehow managed to make her way into a position as a Legislative Aide to Nancy Pelosi.

Young Voronovych started her career working at the US Embassy in the Ukraine in Kiev.  She worked for Roman Woronowycz, the Kiev Bureau Chief, who is connected to Nancy Pelosi.   As a matter of fact, he is a fan of Pelosi’s.

Voronovych’s parents are well connected.  Her mom worked with the Ukrainian Army, and even received the Ukraine Order of Merit for military and political activity.  Yoronovych’s father worked in the Ukrainian Foreign Service and he’s also connected to the Ukrainian government.

Pelosi is also connected to another Ukrainian, an arms dealer by the name Igor Pasternak who is also connected to Rep. Schiff According to Puppet String News.

The new Ukrainian connection to House Speaker Pelosi is quite alarming and raises a major red flag with Pelosi’s top position in the US House, because Pelosi’s aide Ivanna Voronovych happens to be connected to the Ukrainian military and the Ukrainian government. Pelosi basically has an aide connected to Ukraine in more than one way who can come into direct contact with classified US information and material…Even defense information. Puppet String News further stated.

Sam is a reporter at Truthseries who covers a range of subjects, particularly focusing on media bias, politics, and the convergence of politics and culture. Keeping our politicians in check should be a civic duty.

16 Replies to “Pelosi Caught NECK DEEP In Ukrainian Political Affairs - “She’s Guilty”

  1. nancy pedoski needs to be arrested and charged with treason, taken to gitmo to face a firing squad.. I wonder how many counts of treason she has on her record. A satinist pedavore, and a total sewer rat.

    1. So true. The sewer rats have been allowed to multiply as so many gov. officials are bought off that President Trump has to take down the infestation for the good of everyone.

  2. They are all bent & currupt, they have all been taking back handers for infomation, Perlosie need to go on trial tgen jail????

  3. Lock her up she’s part of the swamp, Bill and Hillary, Biden, Schiff , Obama were “All” getting money from other countries Pro quo , for selling out the USA for over 30 years . Send them all to Guantánamo Bay !

    1. Well sure, many need to go to Gitmo however I am a big believer in the death penalty for treason. These people have caused hundreds of thousands of people to die for their own personal greed. Hang them high!

  4. Why is this info not sent to tje DOJ and DHS or the FBI talk about hypocrisy and the the double standard. But thats typical to make more noise towards the other side to draw attention away from what’s really truth.

    1. Oh I think President Trump and his military advisors have known for a long time. It’s part of the plan to wake up Americans who are still uninformed of the dems plan for Am. I think and hope she will get her up comings very soon. Treasonous women can hang from a rope just the same as a man.

  5. נשמעת חולת אלצהיימר ובהתנהלות שלה
    ונראית כמו בת תשעים +…האים במערכת הפוליטית ובקונגרס לא רואים ….

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