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James Comey Admits He’ll Move Out Of The United States If Trump Wins Again: Video

Former FBI Director James Comey who was fired by President Donald Trump in May of 2017 might have just let slip his plans of moving to New Zealand should President Donald Trump win reelection in 2020.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Fired FBI Chief and #NeverTrumper James Comey spoke at Politicon this afternoon in Nashville.

During his conversation with Nicolle Wallace from MSNBC he said he was moving to  New Zealand if President Trump wins again.

(That is, if he’s not in prison by then!)

James Comey: But we have something in common. And I said it when I sat here with the first question you asked. We have a set of values that are at the core of this country that hold this place together… Our leaders must reflect the glue that holds us together. They can’t be people who lie all the time. They just can’t. And I hope people see that’s true whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

Nicolle Wallace: What if he wins again?

James Comey: I will be, from my new home in New Zealand, but I still will believe in America.

Tons of celebrities also pledged to leave the country if Trump won back in 2016, and they are all still here, They stayed in America and cashed in on the strong economy.

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12 Replies to “James Comey Admits He’ll Move Out Of The United States If Trump Wins Again: Video

  1. Fat chance commey ycull be in prison first before you even have a chance to get out of the United States too bad you always lie so we know what state you would really go to in order to find you in case you fleed. Commey youtube kim Clement feb 22 3014. You’ll want to pack your bags now.

  2. James Comey may find his next move to be an extremely radical downsizing that he will not like one bit. He can find comfort in knowing at least, when this move is made, he will be surrounded by many of his oldest and dearest friends.

  3. Don’t wait till he gets re-elected I’ll help you pack and you can leave now and take all your friends with you. You all are guilty of treason and you all know it.

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