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HAPPENING NOW!! Join 73 House Representatives, Sign Petition To Remove And Investigate Adam Schiff

According to a petition on Judicial Watch, Representative Adam Schiff seems to have improperly disclosed classified information in violation of the House Rules, and standards of conduct. He’s done this before, and his behavior shows that Schiff and his staff have a serious ethical problem. Schiff CANNOT be trusted to lead the highly sensitive House Intelligence Committee.

From Libertywip:

Seventy three House Republicans have backed a resolution to condemn House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff after proven to have lied and fabricated evidence before all Americans.

The 73 lawmakers cosponsored House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Bigg’s resolution that would condemn Schiff for reading the fabricated version of the conversation between Trump and Zelensky.

The legislation has continued to gain strong support amid reports that Adam Schiff knew about the whistleblower before the complaint was filed..

Redjournalists reports

“Two weeks ago, the resolution quickly gained 18 cosponsors. Last week, it was reported that 61 lawmakers have cosponsored the resolution. Now, as of Monday, the legislation has 73 cosponsors. When Andy Biggs introduced the bill, he said Schiff’s stunt was “inexcusable” to “mislead the American public with such a statement.”

Sign the PETITION now if you think Adam Schiff needs to immediately step down as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Sam is a reporter at Truthseries who covers a range of subjects, particularly focusing on media bias, politics, and the convergence of politics and culture. Keeping our politicians in check should be a civic duty.

40 Replies to “HAPPENING NOW!! Join 73 House Representatives, Sign Petition To Remove And Investigate Adam Schiff

  1. Hes a snake in the grass a disgrace to our country. He should be put in prison.
    With Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

    1. every one of these DESPICABLE’S, PINOCCHIOS and there are many……….. need’s to be flown by cargo planes
      BE JUST and SWIFT, CARRIED OUT by this TRIBUNAL …….. personally, i’d like to see ALL of them cuffed, to each other, wearing cement shoes, flown to the BERING SEA, and kicked overboard ..

  2. Remove Adam Shift from committees and from office for violating house rules, leaking, and fabricating lies and for weapon ties to Ukraine. The same goes for Nancy Pelosi

    1. this is just what a donkeycrate would say! TELL me, what had the donkeys done that you ARE so
      proud of ? maybe it’s the Sanctuary Cities, the funding of the ILLEGAL’s here, your senators, and house
      donkeys NOT caring about the WALL, they could have built20 some years ago, FOR YOUR PROTECTION,-,
      or maybe ALL the NEEDLES and POO all over, or it could be, dissing the Constitution, and the Bill of ( no )
      Rights, and if you live in california, the high taxes, outrageous rents, we pay, ai least $ 1.00 more per gallon of gasoline, or no money, for THE WALL, which protect’s EVERYONE, how about SINCE before President TrumP
      was even in office ,,,,,,,,,, congress ( donkey;s ) have done NOTHING, BUT GO AFTER OUR PRESIDENT, their job goes beyond any president, BUT this one…………WILL TAKE THEM ALL DOWN ……. the donkeys have shown whar A$$E$
      they truly are …… they are SOOOO, UN-AMERICAN, for decades … YES, salvatore, i can see WHY, your a donkey …’

  3. Ideally, this man and Nancy should be tried for their crimes.

    Realistically they will never receive their due punishments.

    WHY. Because they are Democrats

    Right Hillary?

  4. It’s a coup. President Trump must treat it as such and deal with it accordingly. Arrest them all prosecute them and send them to GITMO

    1. they ( every one ) should be removed……..sent by cargo plane, to the HIDE-AWAY of The MILITARY TRIBUNAL,
      and there are the one’s in the SENATE, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, which is known as CONGRESS …..
      I believe WE did this to OURSELVES !
      WE HAVE ( or had ) the POWER ………… it’s called VOTING ……… YOU MUST REALIZE, THE CONSTITUTION, say;s how
      many years one is in the SENATE ( 6 years ) in the HOUSE ( 2 years ) there is NOTHING, ABOUT I’S for
      L I F E !! So, WHY ? KEEP ON RE - ELECTING the same ? republican, or democrat, you see they aren’t doing
      their job, look for another ….. what WE have, are the oldies, with no fresh idea’s, thought, WE need NEW
      NEW IDEA’S to grow, we are stagnet, this is what they are.. and in return, we listen to the same b, s, and
      decade after decade, no change…….. and then it’s ALL the President’s fault.. BECAUSE THEY TOLD ” US ” SO.
      I CALL THIS BRAIN WASHING, and the MEDIA feed’s us this b.s, too…………….. for DECADES !! it started easily
      NOW ir’s at warpSPEED !! day in day out ……… don’t believe me ? STOP watching THE NEWS ( it’s always doom and gloom, any way ) for a WEEK, then see if you don’t feel better. YOU will……. THEN, try, watching
      again, and in a very short while, you will revert back to the way you were.. anxious, fearful, uneasy, etc..
      this is what THEY LIKE……… TAKE BACK YOUR SANITY……. give it a try…….. : - )

  5. I totally agree that Adam
    “Shifty” Schiff should be disciplined by the House ethics committee, censured and then removed from office for violating House rules!

  6. I truly hope all the American people are finding out just how corrupt these communist socialist scumbags are these are not Democrats these are liars these are not even liberals they are liars they’re corrupt communist socialist scumbag trash trying to destroy our country just like they did in Venezuela they’re not going to get through with it we’re going to have to remove every one of you corrupt line pieces of garbage your scum-sucking trash in all of America knows that you’re not Democrats are liars you’re not liberals your liars

    1. REMOVABLE, Start’s at the POLL’s, VOTE, them OUT, by not RE-ELECTING THEM !! if the demo’s had their way
      ELECTORAL COLLEGE, would be gone, along with the CONSTITUTION, BTLL OF ( no ) RIGHTS, TAKE your GUNS,
      it’s one thing after another…… those that are RE-ELECTED, just go on with, where they left off……. NOT remembering, they are there to do OUR BIDDING, YET, time and time again, they do WHAT THEY WANT !!
      maybe WE are becoming a COMMUNIST COUNTRY, it sure feel’s that way : - (

  7. I don’t care if there Republicans or Democrats. If they are croked investigate them as far as Chuck and Nancy they should have already be gone Republicans need to get a Back Bone or grow a set and fight back before we lose our country

    1. the democrates are in command in the SENATE ……… and the REPUBLICAN’s are in command of the HOUSE
      i believe for DECADES, the donkrycrates have sold out AMERICA, and continually, doing so.
      WE as a NATION, deserve BETTER than what we’ve been handed ! as VOTERS, this is the only, way WE can fight back , and WE must !! OR…….. WE are Doomed !!
      YOU, don’t want to believe me ? LOOK AROUND, WHAT ARE YOU PROUD OF ?

    1. locking them up, is NOT good enough !! what these Treasonests, mutiny leaders need is to be flown
      to the HIDE -AWAY of the MILITARY TRIBUNAL, to answer to their High Crimes. BEING Un-AMERICAN should
      too BAD, congress can’t see past their own PONOCCHIO - NOSES’ …..

  8. He’s a lying and unscrupulous Soros backed POS!! He’s had Soros behind him since he first came into politics. TRUMP 2020!!

  9. I think it’s time Nancy Pelosi and her partner in crime Adam shifty schiff were arrested tried and convicted for treason and be e given the appropriate punishment which in my opinion is hanging it used to be good enough for traitors, and it should still be the punishment for treason a very ery serious crine against the people of the united States ok America

  10. pelosi, schitt, schumer, nader, AND ALL the rest of the smug, despicable, pinocchio – nosed, anti-americans,
    need to be sent, to the hide – a – way of THE MILITARY TRIBUNAL ,,, for there/ their treason, mutiny, inciting riots, most of all letting those who habitually VOTE democrate, and are led down a broken bridge as usual..
    are expected to feed them, free housing, $$$$$$$$, EVERYTHING, WE AS TAX-PAYERS, WELL, WE GET TO $$$$$$$$$, HOMELESSNESS, needles, poo and more ALL over and no one pick’s up … volunteer’s come, what
    a f up this is ……… worse than a 3rd world country, and the donkeycrates, DON’T CARE, they had 20 year’s to put a WaLL up and didn’t …….. B U T PRESIDENT TRUMP, FOUND A WAY………. NO THANX TO the demo’s!
    rhen let’s NOT forget SANCTUARY CITIES …….. on and on. DEMO’S – ARE YOU PROUD ??

  11. I want to know when they are going topol arrest all these child molesting government officials and clean house those people should be public ly executed for crimes a gainst humanity and
    the deep state along with them .

    1. since most are in Congress, i believe they should pay with their live’s in front of CONGRESSES front door!
      sooo fiting for these DESPICABLES ……….. Who did Nothing FOR US, BUT DID TO US, as a NATION,

  12. He is the worst of the worst criminal. He is committing murder of our country. Please stop him and lock him up. Hand cuffs and all!!!!

    1. I don’t think he’s the WORST, BUT he’s up there !! this smug, arrogant s.o.b, PINOCCHIO - NOSED, adam schitt
      deserve’s to be in Front of THE MILITARY TRIBUNAL ASAP, along with the rest……..sadly, it will take time, after all there are hundreds, if not thousands, to be INVESTIGATED…

  13. Adam Schiff needs to be put in Gitmo for all the stuff he is trying to do to our President Trump! He needs brought up on treason charges and put in jail! Along with Nancy, Criminal Hillary and Filthy Obama the Muslim swine. All these filthy DemocRATS need to be investigated.

    1. adam schitt, and the rest……. deserve Nothing Less than to be Delivered to the MILITARY TRIBUNAL for Treason,
      MUTINY, inciting discourse through out OUR COUNTRY !! if this is to harsh ( for the donkeyratz ) how about cuffing them altogether, in a row ……. wearing cement shoes, flown ( by several cargo planes ) to the
      BERING SEA ….. kicked off ( like falling domino’s ) and let GOD handle it!

  14. Adam Schiff has a free pass.. As long as the Democrats hold the House… Numerous petitions have been signed but he’s still there with a smile on his face… He does not Represent the majority of American’s… When will this end??? When will Washington get back to work for our nation??? It’s doesn’t make a difference what party… Be an individual first, AMERICAN’S for the welfare of the nation… Party names are just titles… The only title that makes a difference is WE THE PEOPLE…. ( OF THE UNITED STATES…) See You at the Polls you Worthless Schit…..

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