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Adam Schiff Gets Locked Up In The Dark By President Trump On ISIS Raid

President Donald Trump on Sunday opened up on why the White House did not inform some key Democrats about the daring raid that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Gateway Pundit reports:

The United States military conducted a special operations raid targeting one of its most high-value targets, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), Newsweek reported late Saturday night.

President Trump deliberately left Congress in the dark about the raid of the ISIS leader’s compound on the northern Syria-Turkish border.

President Trump in a statement on Sunday morning told the press that Congressional leaders were not notified during the attack due to their constant leaks — including Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It was also revealed that the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff (D-CA) received no notification or briefing on the Baghdadi operation.

Adam Schiff is a leaker and a liar so President Trump did the right thing by leaving him in the dark about the special operations raid.

President Trump once again asserted his power and showed Pelosi and Schiff that he is the Commander-in-Chief and can make decisions without their permission or input.

Trump keeping Schiff and Pelosi in the dark about the Baghdadi operation shows just how untrustworthy they are with classified information.

The golden decision by President Trump to throw Pelosi and Schiff in the dark didn’t go down well with top Democratic news outlets including CNN.

According to CNN:

The move to not make notable leaders aware goes against the usual tradition for such high-profile operations. The bipartisan praise for the US mission was undercut by criticism that the Trump administration did not inform congressional leaders about it ahead of time and came amid broader concerns about the strategy in the region after the US removed troops from Syria.

Trump said the administration did not brief lawmakers due to a fear that they would leak information to the news media that could cost American lives.

7 Replies to “Adam Schiff Gets Locked Up In The Dark By President Trump On ISIS Raid

  1. President Trump was absolutely justified in not notifying Schiff and Pelosi of the impending action. They have betrayed the Commander in Chief multiple times, and that behavior would have put our teams in an even riskier position. The success of the mission demonstrates how little value the Dem leaders add to critical operations and how well the US can function in such matters with other nations on matters of common interest. Pelosi, Schiff and minions, go home! Or get to the business of working with this President to get the important work of the people done!

  2. These bunch of rat bastard treasonous Democrats don’t hate Trump …. Trump Barr the Republicans are hot on their criminal asses and soon to charge them with treason…Obama gave them all free reign to steal our country blind and pocket the cash for 8 years !!!! Now they need Trump gone !!! VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN 2020 !!! THERE IS NOT 1 DEMOCRAT TO BE TRUSTED …ALSO PAUL RYAN !

  3. I agree with President Donald Trump hes making wise decisions …. shift and Pelosi do nothing for this country Pelosi having over $100 million in her bank account what has she done for Americans ???? …sore loser Hillary Clinton foundation and the Arabs owning her news media like CNN in the United States would do anything to sabotage the president Donald Trump …Trump and we the people shouldn’t tell the Democrats nothing like there closed door hearings …. because they’re demon rats . And the Democrats want to destroy our country . Mr. Comey pack your bags because Trump will be re-lected…. but make your bags very scarce because you’re going to prison . How do I know because God said so Trump will be a trumpet and he will serve two terms says the lord ….I’ll prove it to you watch this video Obama watched kim Clement that’s why he spied on Trump before Trump was elected Obama was televised saying what Kim Clement says you look better in the future then you look right now …..Obama new and watch Kim Clement videos every Democrat and leftist needs to watch it as well it would prove to you God is alive and God’s going to have his way the deep state democrats Will be In prison and God wants justice we the people will get it ………… kim Clement feb 22 ,2014.

  4. I agree President Trump was spot on by not notifying the Congessional leadership of the planned attack! These leakers in the Democrat party are so vile and untrustworthy! What I have learned is most Democrats are definitely media leakers! At this very moment Democrats are criticizing his actions of not advising them (Democrats) of his plans! Frankly I don’t believe he could trust them.

  5. President Donald Trump is Commander-in-Chief and doesn’t need to notify any individual person he deems as untrustworthy top secret information. That includes most of the House of Representatives and some Republicans. President Trump knows what he is doing and I for one trust him in the decisions he makes for the United States of America. I sure as hell wouldn’t tell Pelosi, Schiff, Schurmer or anyone conspiring against him. I strongly believe he will be re-elected in 2020!!! He has my vote for sure!!! Great Job Mr. President!!!

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