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McCabe Running For Cover Over Imminent Indictment As Deputy AG’s Meeting With Lawyers Spark Concerns

Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said Wednesday he believes Andrew McCabe will soon be indicted on federal charges.

 Whitaker said in a Fox News interview that McCabe’s lawyers’ meeting with Deputy Attorney General [DAG] Jeffrey Rosen, which The New York Times reported Monday took place last week, appears to have been what’s known as a “DAG appeal.”
“I have not seen a DAG appeal be successful. I have seen them many times, again, with sophisticated defense lawyers, but this is usually when somebody is imminently going to be charged, they try to get to the deputy attorney general and plead their case,” said Whitaker, who was a U.S. attorney and chief of staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

My love for politics is unusual because I don't love it for the same reasons a lot of people do. I love politics because it challenges me. For me, being involved in politics isn't about having an opinion about every issue. It is about learning both sides of each issue and being fascinated by them. There are very few political issues that I have strong opinions on. The rest I either have yet to educate myself on or I understand both sides and have yet to choose which one I agree with.

5 Replies to “McCabe Running For Cover Over Imminent Indictment As Deputy AG’s Meeting With Lawyers Spark Concerns

  1. Isn't trying to incapacitate US President by guns , conspiracies or any other means a very serious crime?
    If a guy gets a gun and tries shoot President for any reasons, I hope he would be locked up. Why are the Comey and MaCabe gang still walking around free? The IG report plainly states that's what they did, conspired to incapacitate the duly elected president by propagating lies and snooping. What's the difference?

  2. The difference is You haven't done enough Research. Or have followed Q at all. If you had done that. You'd know and understand Everything. What's going on is the Biggest Military Intelligence Operation in the History of man kind. Think about that.. Military Intelligence. Every involved can ONLY be learned thru Q. If you go back and start reading all 3500 Q posts. You'll fully understand. Like me and the 3% of the world have. WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I would like to know why you are so secretive. If you know the truth, isn't it better to analyze and report it to the public so that American people know the truth. If I know a truth. I will report it to public. As matter of fact I consider it as my responsibility to inform the truth to as many people as possible. Right now everybody seems second guessing and strange stories being created. If you know the truth, let it be reported in easily understandable form.

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