Fresh Indictments Handed Down Over Antifa Terror Group, See Who's Going To Jail Over Multiple Charges

Gateway Pundit - Alexander Gorman Dial, the antifa thug who is best known for throwing a hammer at a Trump supporter in a bus while wearing a shirt that reads “Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe” is now facing a second set of felony charges related to his actions during the August 17th protests in Portland.

As Trump supporters were boarding their buses and heading out of Portland after their rally against domestic terrorism, Antifa, right on cue, engaged in their normal domestic terrorism. They spotted the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and III%’ers on the buses, and moved in for the attack. They kicked and punched the buses, threw debris and rocks, smashed several windows, and even threw a claw hammer at someone on the bus. Formal indictments have been handed down on numerous antifa affiliated thugs stemming from the August 17 protest in Portland. Someone in the Multnomah County district attorney’s office has actually decided to do their job and is pursuing charges against 15 of the far left thugs.

Alexander Dial was indicted by a 7-person grand jury Tuesday on a felony riot charge along with 2nd- and 4th-degree assault plus using a stun gun, tear gas or mace, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said. The indictment alleges he engaged “in tumultuous and violent conduct” that “created a grave risk of causing public alarm,” that he used a dangerous weapon to hurt someone and that he “recklessly discharged” a stun gun. The DA’s office said this is a separate criminal complaint from his previous charges. No additional information can be released by the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office at this time pursuant to the Oregon State Professional Rules of Conduct.

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