Top Democratic Senator INDICTED Over 39 Count Of Embezzlement, Other Charges

GATEWAY PUNDIT - Illinois Democrat State Senator Tom Cullerton on Friday was indicted on federal embezzlement charges for allegedly defrauding a union. Cullerton, a Democrat, was accused of taking approximately $275,000 in salary and benefits from the Teamsters Union, but doing no work for the union.

Federal prosecutors allege that Cullerton used the proceeds from the alleged scheme to pay personal expenses, including his mortgage, utilities and groceries.

According to Gov. J.B. Pritzker: "All I can say is that, of course, I'm very disappointed, I am disappointed in any public official that isn't living up to the obligation that they have to the voters that sent them there, and to the people that they represent."


  1. More to come. Nothing can stop what's coming. Nothing.

  2. So now he's a crook, but not when you were cashing his checks for doing nothing?


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