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Pelosi, Entire DNC Outraged Over Graham’s Decision On Electoral College.

  Democratic leaders threaten to restructure the U.S. Supreme Court if decisions are not made in their favor, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham came out blazing, when he said “Over my dead body, it’s not going to happen.” Just before adding that, by their actions, Democrats plan on “telling every rural american to go to hell.”

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham rebuked plans by some Democrats to add seats to the Supreme Court and to do away with the Electoral College, in comments during an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning. Before transitioning of the Electoral College happens, Sen. Lindsey Graham promised it’ll be over his dead body. “Over my dead body, it’s not going to happen.” Graham said.
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham previously warned that Democrats plan to destroy this system, so they can decide who the President is, telling the rest of the rural america to “go to hell.” “The Electoral College allows rural America to have a say about picking the president,” “When they want to do away with the Electoral College, that’s telling every rural American to go to hell. That would mean that Los Angeles and New York would decide who’s the president.

According to previous reports, Democratic leaders have threaten to destroy the U.S. Supreme Court if decisions are not made in their favor. Now Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, democratic sweet heart and a member of ‘The Squad’ just reiterated the threat by claiming this time, that the Electoral college needs to be abolished because it is racist and is bad for minorities.
According to The Hill - Ocasio-Cortez blasts Electoral College as a ‘scam’ First-term Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is calling for the U.S. to abolish the Electoral College, saying that the voting system is a “scam” that negatively impacts minorities. Ocasio-Cortez made her argument on Monday in an Instagram story that includes her driving along a deserted highway and quipping, “many votes here, as you can see.” Read more

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6 Replies to “Pelosi, Entire DNC Outraged Over Graham’s Decision On Electoral College.

  1. These hypocrites need to look themselves in the mirror. Millions of illegals and dead people voted for Hillary last election. On top of that, according to Dr. Epstein, social media companies are responsible for swinging 2.6 to 16 million votes to Hillary on last election by social media manipulation. Time for voter ID and censor free social media!

  2. Thousands of years ago the Pharaoh said the best way to conquer a nation was to change its religion into tongue worshippers and then to take over its economy nothing has changed yet!

  3. The American ppl better wake up bc there are ppl like shumer Polosi hillary with the rag head perverts will destroy our government as we know it and turn it into their play ground for illegal migrant Muslims perverts. They will take our guns, religon, freedom of speech and human rights. Hell is coming & it will not be good for atheists.

  4. I support President Trump and Lindsey Graham on removing Omar from her former role in Congress. Thank you President Trump for standing strong along with your family. Thank you Lindsey Graham for boldly pursuing justice. It’s time for you, your colleagues and President Trump to stand and share the voice of the American people. Enough is enough.
    I’m not a bully who insists that every decision goes my way.
    I’m tired of my voice getting trampled.
    I’m tired of my “voice” making decisions for things I would never agree too.
    I’m tired of my voice being ignored by the Democratic Party.
    I support you!
    Let’s make America GREAT again! ??

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