Obama’s Top Level Witness Confesses, Exposes The Former President’s Illicit Lifestyle

Libertywip - In a shocking video making rounds on the internet, a 46 years old man who simply described himself as larry Sinclair revealed shocking details of the former president. Larry Sinclair confessed he was a former drug user and trafficker in addition to other listed crimes.

While appearing infront of an investigative panel, Sinclair made serious accusations against the former POTUS, more of which he said includes the drug adventures and sexual escapades they both had. If this is true, then obama needs to be brought in for questioning…

According to RealClear Politics, Obama also confessed to being a drug addict. While speaking to rapper Macklemore for a program that aired on MTV, the former President said “When I was a teenager I used drugs, I drank, I pretty much tried whatever was out there. But I was in Hawaii and it was a pretty relaxed place, I was lucky that I did not get addicted except to cigarettes which took me a long time to kick. But it does seem as if the speed in which you can get hooked on opiate-based medicines is fierce,” Obama said.

Sam is a reporter at Truthseries who covers a range of subjects, particularly focusing on media bias, politics, and the convergence of politics and culture. Keeping our politicians in check should be a civic duty.

14 Replies to “Obama’s Top Level Witness Confesses, Exposes The Former President’s Illicit Lifestyle

  1. This is no surprise. Once a Gay man, always a Gay man. Obama does not want the American People to know the truth. His marriage is nothing but a SHAM, the "daughters" are not his, but were loaned to him to have us believe he is a straight man. BTW, the REAL parents are suing him to return their girls returned to them. Gay men do not marry straight ladies. Michelle is NOT who people think she is. Her/HIS name is Michael Lavaughn Robinson, known as Big Mike. It's amazing that Plastic Surgery is able to change the appearance of a man. America, we have been led to another of his total Lies. Pictures are on You Tube with "her" in a teal blue dress ad his penis is there where many of us have seen. When "she" was on the Ellen show, dancing in white pants, there it is again. Do your own research and learn the truth.

  2. I find this man to be the AntiChrist who through the CIA was placed in position to weaken our Nation so we could be over run by China for the deep state traitors in our 3 letter agencies sending the Country into Global Trechory

  3. Our current President said "It will be like you were never here" to Hussein. Now, Hussein follows our president around the world trying to undo the deals our president made with leaders. I hope Hussein is enjoying himself because his joy ride is just about over and he will face a firing squad for the evil he has done. He was NEVER married to Michael (Michelle) and those are NOT his children. His mother was black, not white and his Dad was white. He was a GMO baby created on the FARM of the C_A. Nice try DS; the M.I. and 45 found you out!! God bless you all Patriots.

  4. I do believe that you and I were reading and watching the very same things because those are the things I have been saying for a long while. His joy ride is about over and then he will face a lot of rifles.

  5. More and more Americans are waking up to 40 years of a sham from George H.W.Bush to the Obama administration had corruption in the ranks. The Pedophilia rings that ruled the government through black mail of our senators and the FBI,CIA and the State and Justice department corruption of senior executive services or [SES] that ruled the United States government for decades.

  6. O Lord, Please continue to Expose the Evil and Reveal the TRUTH to All Americans, and the World.
    Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Amen

  7. …one time, in this teal dress, you could see it! … and then, then she was on Ellen, and then bam, there it was again…

    OMG. Hahaha @ anonymous. Now I know you are talking about serious business here, but I could almost hear ‘your’ voice as I read it! It really had me cracking up; thank you:).
    Have an amazing weekend

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