Ilhan Omar To Be Banned From Gaining Access Into Isreal According To New Petition

CBN NEWS – The Israeli legal NGO Shurat HaDin filed a petition in a Jerusalem court this week seeking to block US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from being allowed entry into the Jewish state. The Times of Israel reports that Shurat HaDin asked the Jerusalem District Court to demand that Interior Minister Aryeh Deri deny Omar’s entry during her visit to Israel with other members of Congress later this month.

Under a strict law enacted by Israel in 2017, the state may ban any foreigner from entering the country that “knowingly makes a public call for a boycott of Israel”. Something she has repeatedly done in and outside of Congress

NEW: An Israeli NGO has filed a petition to have US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar barred from entering the country when she arrives for an upcoming tour because of her anti-Semitism https://t.co/FVSmicJPlB

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) July 31, 2019

 Shuran HaDin said its petition included proof of Omar’s activities supporting the BDS movement, including her sponsorship of a bill to allow boycotting Israel earlier this month. The NGO also cited a recent tweet by US President Donald Trump calling on Omar and Tlaib to apologize to Israel, the White House and the American people due to their “horrible statements.”

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8 Replies to “Ilhan Omar To Be Banned From Gaining Access Into Isreal According To New Petition

  1. I don't think the Israeli Shuran HaDin's petition went far enough–it should include Tlaib also, as she has repeatedly stated that Israel should be made to leave their country, which they "TOOK" from the Palestinians by force and loss of Palestinian lives & doesn't add that Jewish lives were lost & ARE LOST whenever Hamas launches shells into Jerusalem; she is very good friends with radical Muslim Linda Sarsour(sp), a known dissident; she is devoted to the Palestinians and encourages them to use whatever force is necessary to drive Israelis out of Arab lands!!!

  2. Agree with all statements made. I also add even further actions should be included upon All Democrat House Rep's that signed onto Omar's Boycott. And if it made it to a vote in the house, All who voted for the ban should also be denied entry. That would definitely send a very swift message to All House Democrats and Republicans that actions have consequences, it may even send chills down the spines of all Senate Democrats and Republicans as well, even tho it most likely did not even make it to the Senate floor as they are a little smarter and would never even consider taking up any action on such anti-Semitic measure. Still the denying entry to all who co-signed and or voted on that measure in the house would still send chills down the spjnes of all the Democrats and Republicans in both the House and Senate. Would be glirious indeed.

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