Ilhan Omar Leaves America After "Send Her Back" Chants, Drops Message For President Trump

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Min) responded earlier to “send her back” chants that erupted at one of President Donald Trump’s rallies by posting a photo of herself and Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a visit to Africa.

“They said ‘send her back’ but Speaker [Pelosi] didn’t just make arrangement to send me back, she went back with me,” Omar wrote in her Instagram and Twitter posts.

 Pelosi was in Ghana with Omar and the 13 other members of the Congressional Black Caucus to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of enslaved Africans in America. Omar shared several other photos of the trip on Instagram.
Ghana’s Leader, Nana Akufo-Addo, declared 2019 “the Year of Return” - a commemoration that is meant to encourage people of African ancestry to make the “birthright journey home for the global African family”.

The "send her back" line was referring to the chant attendees of President Trump's rally last month in North Carolina broke into after Trump mentioned the congresswoman's name. The rally chant drew widespread condemnation from Democratic lawmakers and some Republicans, coming after Trump in a series of tweets told Omar and three other minority progressive female lawmakers to "go back" to the countries they came from.


  1. I think the squ as d are an American embarassment.and ilhan omAR being on foreign relations is so wrong judt goes to show how b as d the dems leadership pelosi is a joke and a TRAITOR

    1. Hey, it is obvious that she hates traditional, American values because they are based on Judean/Christian culture. She is Moslem. Islam and our US Constitution DOES NOT MIX. The people who voted her in are idiots!

    2. The moment they land on American soil on their return they should be arrested and tried for treason and sent to prison,Like Gitmo

  2. Replies
    1. No their going there for a wedding. Now that shes divorced from her brother she can finally marry her true love high school sweetheart Papa. Dont get excited Papa just his nickname his real name is Farther or Daadaa.

  3. So glad they all left. Guess Nancy will have to drink Black and White, zebra milk aged 20 years, instead of her usual whiskey. Hope they have success in figuring out a new human trafficking route, since Americans are wise to their methods for "winning" elections. Maybe they'll pick up Heussin's birth certificate while they're there. These people are stupid.


  5. Wasn't peelosi in Italy hobnobbing with a notorious gangleaders wife from Mexico,since when do you stop off in Italy on the way to Africa?

  6. The time will soon come when those wicked dems in Congress will be arrested. When can members of Congress be arrested? It is while they are in recess. Congress began recess today which lasts for six weeks. Lord willing, we will not see many members of Congress return. Omar is a stain on not only our country, but on humanity itself. Pelosi is always so drunk that she cannot think clearly, if at all.
    I pray to God that He allows us to see earthly justice against these wicked 'people'. Vengeance belongs to the Lord God; not man which is why I pray that the Lord God allows us to witness earthly justice.
    In other news:
    Q acknowledged! -------
    What did we learn from 'Juan O Savin' (107 = 17 = Q) yesterday? We learned that the biological father of Bill Clinton is Winthrop Rockefeller. We learned that the FARM is where people who are genetically engineered (GMO people) come from who are raised to do the bidding of the Cabal. We learned that the Strzok family are all CIA assets. We learned that Obama was not born in Hawaii, that it was his mother who was black and his father white. Obama was created to become a CIA asset from the time of birth. We learned that Hugh Hefner is the biological father of Bill Maher. We learned that all of those who were on the plane with Loretta Fuddy will be exposed for their part in the murder of Fuddy to keep her about the truth of the fake birth certificate. We also learned that Mrs. Obama (Michael) was there when the plane crashed (in very shallow water on purpose) and stayed long enough to make certain that Fuddy was dead. We learned that Soros is merely a puppet for the Caball and has no real power. We learned that May and Merkel are sisters; GMO children. We learned that when HRC was a young girl, she had excellent eye sight and was an athlete. Then, when it was her time to appear for the Cabal, her eye sight was so very poor that she had to be led around. She was in terrible physical shape. So, who is the real HRC? It's not the one we see today. We learned that Fuddy and Stanely Ann Dunham were both member of the Subud cult and were always in the same cities at the same time. That's because they are/were the same woman. Stanley Ann Dunham is not the biological mother of Obama. We learned that the bloodline family operatives are placed all around the world. We learned that Eva Braun was the biological mother of Merkel and May. We learned that Obama's grandmother is the sister of Eva Braun. We learned that the white hats are praying and working against the witchcraft being caused against them. This is a battle between good and evil. We learned that Juan O Savin has been planning or being a part of "The Plan" for decades. We know who he really is, but it has not yet been announced so I will keep it to myself for now.
    Why does Q say get the popcorn ready? What has to happen to the corn when it is picked? First it is husked. That's what is going on now according to 'the plan'. Then, it has to be dried (tried). Then, it is 'cooked in the squat'. God Bless you all Patriots!!

  7. Justice will be served. All good things take time. Some just longer than others.


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