Ilhan Omar Caught Up In Fresh $250,000 Campaign Fund Fraud According To Latest Auditing

Recent findings shows That Ilhan Omar didn’t just use campaign funds for personal expenses, but she also paid a sum of $250k to her alleged lover Mynett. Mynett now resides in a $3000 monthly suite.

AlphaNewsmn - “Mynett is married to Dr. Beth Mynett, but the Daily Mail confirmed that he has left their marital home and is living in an apartment in Washington D.C that costs about $3,000 a month.” “Mynett has previously worked for Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s current Attorney General, when he was in Congress as his National Finance Director. Now, he works as a partner at E Street Group, a company that says it provides national progressive strategies for candidates, nonprofits and advocacy efforts.”

“Omar’s campaigned has paid Mynett’s company, E Street Group, for that $250k in travel and consulting fees that go back as far as August of 2018 and end in June of 2019. Omar’s team has refused to give details on what E Street Group does for her campaign.” AlphaNewsMN added.

In recent days, Omar have been accused of marriage fraud, tax fraud among other immigration crimes by a Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch. More information are gaining traction by the day and with enough convincing facts as to why many Democrats from Omars district thinks she should be kicked out of the office she occupies.


  1. The Que Tip is just shit on a stick. Send her back

  2. This women has gotten away with to much shes a liar a thief a bigamist commits incest embezzlement every sort of fraud there is she went into Congress with a criminal record which claims shes an habitual offender and now adulty how can she be able to stay in a high power position with a security clearence that allows her to be able to share important information with enemies of America. She is a danger to our country as is the politicians that stand behind this antisemite criminal when is she going to jail.All America hears are the storys never the consequences.

    1. I agree 100% and is cleary a racist because Don has done a lot for the black communities and this evil person tries to impeach him I hope people of all colors realize this and petetion the president to open up inquiries on Omar and the rest as an example to others- also I agree it's scary knowing someone like this "thing" has access to sensitive government information

  3. So much corruption these people such as Omar needs to be held responsible for her crimes.

  4. This story was honestly hard to read. The writer won’t be winning any writing contest anytime soon.

  5. Gee, what a freaking surprise.

  6. She is the perfect example of why people become racist!


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