Ilhan Omar About To Lose Congressional Seat Over 9/11 Comment

NEW YORK POST - A veteran Minneapolis cop and decorated US Army vet will run as an independent to challenge Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar — and said Friday that her comments about 9/11 prompted his decision.

According to the veteran, “September 11 was a terrible loss of life, not just for police officers and firefighters and other first responders, but 3,000 people and non-combatants died, and to be dismissive of that was an outrage.” He also said that Ilhan Omar was more concerned about her celebrity status than her district.
From FOX NEWS - Chris Kelley, who will run as an independent, told FoxNews.com earlier this week that he decided to take on Omar after the Somali-born freshman lawmaker said “some people did something” when referring to the 9/11 attackers. Kelley, who served in Operation Desert Storm and deployed twice during the Iraq War as an intelligence analyst, told “Fox & Friends” Friday that the comments were “very dismissive and disrespectful” in his view.

Omar has called Trump and Republican immigration policies racist, a sentiment Kelley disagrees with. “Immigration is a big issue right now. I believe in having a secure border; if you don’t have a country, you don’t have a border, and our border agents are doing a great job, but they are being overwhelmed, and Congress isn’t giving them the tools they need,” he said. “But I would also like to see a pathway to citizenship for those under DACA; they couldn’t help they were brought here and need a shot to be able to stay here.”

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