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Details From IG Report Shows Comey Was Building Conspiracy Case Against Trump

Why did Comey tell Trump privately that he wasn’t the target of an investigation but then refuse to say the same publicly? This is because Comey was in fact running a covert operation against Trump.


According to REALCLEAR INVESTIGATION, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will soon file a report with evidence indicating that Comey was misleading the president despite assuring him that he wasn’t the target of an investigation, the former director was secretly trying to build a conspiracy case against the president, while at times acting as an investigative agent.
Two U.S officials who were briefed on the IG’s investigation into possible misconduct by the FBI said, James Comey was effectively running a covert operation against Trump, which started with a defenseive briefing he privately gave Trump a few weeks before his inauguration.
REALCLEAR INVESTIGATION also reported that Comey’s meeting with Trump took place one day after the FBI director met in the Oval Office with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to discuss how to brief Trump — a meeting attended by National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and National Intelligence Director James Clapper.

BREAKING: Inspector General Has Evidence Comey Really Was Investigating Trump — On the Sly https://t.co/glzv8sNh1R

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) July 22, 2019

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  1. What about the rest of them ? It starts with the former Pres, right down the line, Brennan, Clapper, McCaib, Clinton, Mueller etc. etc. etc. just an opinion…

  2. Tribunals in three places have been ongoing since January 2019. Many have already faced tribunals and have been executed. Poppy Bush, Barbara Bush, John McCain, John Kerry and Tony Podesta to name but a few of them. The white hats have taken over the twitter accounts of many of them to give the appearance that they are still free. Those who are still free are walking around with GPS tracker with a kill switch and if they try to remove it, they die instantly. Nothing is going on? Really? Look at all of the Congressmen/women who are not running for re-election. Go see how many CEOs, CFOs etc have either been forced out or resigned; hundreds of them. Hundreds of pedophiles have been arrested. The drug trade is flailing. This may be a silent war but a LOT is going on and just because we don't always hear about it does not mean it is not happening. So, please, allow them to do what they do best according to their plans in their timelines; not yours. God Bless you all.

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