"Caught In The Act", Warren's Presidential Aspiration At Stake As Voters Questions Her Honesty On Live TV

Caught Red handed, Sen. Elizabeth Warren apologizes for lying to Americans. During a town hall event in New Hampshire broadcast Thursday, a woman asked Warren how she and others could trust her given her past claim about having Native American ancestry.

"How do you overcome the bridge with voters like me who like you, who like your plans, who like what you have to say but I have concerns about your honesty?" she asked.
Warren responded to Radecic by claiming that she identified as a Native American because of things her family told her when she was younger.


  1. The women is a shill, she's the avenue Warren uses to create her Strawman, My FAMILY IS TO BLAME NOT HONEST LITTLE Ol' ME

  2. If there had been no Affirmative Action used by colleges, in consideration to give favor to minority group for admission, scholarship or teaching position, would she classify herself as a Cherokee when she was born in pure white skin fAMILY.? and her DNA test shown she is .9999999999 of white race.

    1. Liars lie if it cost them nothing. College cost her nothing and pass you for being native American no matter how well you done no doubt!

  3. I'm sorry, but I don't believe a word out of her mouth except for when she says she wants a beer. If the democrats mouths are open, they are lying.


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