20 Arrested In Major Raid Targeting Fugitives With Final Order

FOX 5 - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation officers arrested 20 people with final removal orders throughout San Diego County this week, the agency announced Friday.
In addition to those targeted in the operation, officers also arrested seven immigration violators, whom they took into ICE custody and processed for removal.

ICE arrests 20 in San Diego during week-long surge targeting criminal aliens and immigration fugitives with final orders https://t.co/AgU5C1Pm05 pic.twitter.com/V6jvlqazJ7

— ICE (@ICEgov) July 13, 2019

 According to ICE report - Of those arrested during this operation, 85 percent had prior criminal convictions and/or prior criminal charges. Convictions for those arrested included drugs, weapons offenses, hit-and-run, driving under the influence, theft, domestic violence, evading law enforcement and fraud criminal offenses.
Those who were primary targets of this operation will be removed from the United States pursuant to their final order. Those without final orders of removal will be issued a notice to appear before an immigration judge and remain in ICE custody during the pendency of their removal proceedings.

5 Replies to “20 Arrested In Major Raid Targeting Fugitives With Final Order

  1. FIRST they are going for the worst criminals, and look at all the blow back in the media and from the dems. As the blow back cools off they will go after more and more. They have said they are not revealing the true numbers so no one knows how many they actually got. Soon as the Epstein case breaks open people will be freaking out about their favorite democrats being exposed, they will forget about freaking out about deporting illegals imo.

  2. It is my prayer that ALL of these invaders be removed. If they want to come legally, let them do so. The invaders have taken over my little one square mile town. They do not speak English, they do not obey our laws, they do not assimilate and they force the entire town to listen to their Spanish polka music. This has to stop. We want our town back. It was a quiet little town with no violence and no drugs to speak of, but now, the invaders are middle men and drug dealers who sell that stuff to our children. I pray that the Lord restore our little town. Thank you. God Bless you all Patriots.

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