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Moves To Indict Mueller By Bill Barr Over Russia Probe - Jim Jordan

Rep. Jim Jordan said Thursday that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s failure to answer many important questions underscores the importance of the Justice Department’s investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

John Durham's Surprising Announcement About FBI And DOJ Will Shock The Nation

The cartel members of the FBI who tried to illegally unseat a president of the United States are bracing for what is shaping up as a disastrous week, according to many Feds.

Video Evidence Proves Mueller Suffering From "Impaired Cognition" As Far Back As 2016

Top lawyer revealed that he knew Robert Mueller had mental issues when they met in 2016 concerning the Russia Collusion investigation. A condition which he said manifested as “Impaired Cognition” during Mueller’s testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee. The Democrats knew but still used him anyway.

WashintonExaminer - Mueller testified in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees on Wednesday on his two investigations into Russian influence and the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russian agents. Throughout his testimony, Mueller appeared to forgetmany details outlined in his report, even contradicting it in an exchange with Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins. Mueller stuttered, misheard questions, and gave elusive answers for nearly seven hours of testimony.

According to Alzheimer's Association, "Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) causes a slight but noticeable and measurable decline in cognitive abilities, including memory and thinking skil…

CIA Whistle Blower Reveals Cabal Behind Epstein's "Attempted Suicide"

Kevin Shipp the former CIA agent said; One of the biggest earthquakes that is going off will be the high ranking Deep State elite surrounding convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein.

Trump Hands Down Final Orders To A.G Barr Over Release Of Declassified Spygate Documents

During a phone call interview on fox news, President trump revealed to Sean Hannity that he has given Attorney General William Barr the green light to release Declassified Spygate Documents.

Trump Calls For Investigation Into Obama's Dealings And Hillary Clinton

President Trump, speaking in the Oval Office during a gathering to announce an agreement with Guatemala, called for a probe into former President Obama’s book deal and to subpoena “all of the records having to do with Hillary Clinton.

Clinton Body Count Trends On Twitter Right After Epstein's Attempted Suicide In His New York Jail Cell

Americans waking up to check Twitter were greeted with the trending hashtag “#ClintonBodyCount.”

The phrase has since been used by conservatives to link the mysterious deaths of people in some way connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton, like the 1993 suicide of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster, and the fatal armed robbery of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich in 2016.
The hashtag broke into the mainstream on Thursday, trending at number three in the US. Its emergence came after millionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein was found“injured and in a fetal position” on the floor of his New York jail cell just hours before. When #ClintonBodyCount is trending on Twitter as a reaction to the story that Epstein "attempted suicide" you know people are hip to the game. They need him gone at all costs. 😱 — BlondeAnon (@miss_jordon) July 25, 2019

ANYONE denying the concrete connection, between Epstein and the Clintons, better look at themselves…

Ilhan Omar Gained Asylum Under False Name - Bombshell Revelation

A new Bombshell Revelation published by Powerline blog on Thursday alleges Rep. Ilhan Omar not only married her brother to curtail U.S. immigration law, but received asylum from Somali as a child after her family used a false name.

Ilhan Omar Admits To Marrying Her Own Brother In New Email Evidence

Shattered pieces of the latest controversy surrounding Rep. Ilhan omar on whether she committed Marriage and Immigration fraud is finally coming together as new Bombshell email sheds more light on the situation.

Over 190,000 Patriots Sign WH Petition To Declare George Soros a Terrorist

A petition demanding the United States government to declare American financier George Soros a domestic terrorist has gathered over 190,000 signatures, more than the required 100,000-signature threshold needed for the Trump administration to respond.

White House Petition Demands Investigation Into Ilhan Omar's "Illegal Citizenship" Status

A new petition on the White House websites is demanding the Trump administration investigate freshman Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar amid widespread allegations that the Muslim lawmaker married her brother to skirt immigration law.

Details From IG Report Shows Comey Was Building Conspiracy Case Against Trump

Why did Comey tell Trump privately that he wasn't the target of an investigation but then refuse to say the same publicly? This is because Comey was in fact running a covert operation against Trump.

"Caught In The Act", Warren's Presidential Aspiration At Stake As Voters Questions Her Honesty On Live TV

Caught Red handed, Sen. Elizabeth Warren apologizes for lying to Americans. During a town hall event in New Hampshire broadcast Thursday, a woman asked Warren how she and others could trust her given her past claim about having Native American ancestry.

Big Names Listed In Leaked "Epstein's Black Book Of Contacts", Soros, Alec Baldwin Included

Ever since his Arrest, there have been growing concerns about Epstein's massive connections and network to rich and famous individuals which could make the case against the multi-millionaire expand to involve several top politicians and Hollywood elites.

Trump Issues Warning To Ilhan Omar, Others "Go Back To Your Country And Fix It"

Earlier, in what was widely denounced as a racist attack by most Democrats President Trump lobbed a huge ball of truth at a group of four Democratic congresswomen of color who have been critical of his administration’s policies.

Released Video Proves Huma Abedin And Anthony Weiner Finally Flipped, This Could Be The End For Clinton

This will be the death knell for any future candidacy for Hillary Clinton!  It also may bring down some very high officials. [According to TOUCH STONE CONNECT]

Video Evidence Shows Ilhan Omar Guilty Of Marriage And Immigration Fraud - Could Face Deportation

Though Omar has denied the allegations in the past, dismissing them as baseless rumors, the issue was first raised in an online Somali politics forum and championed by conservative bloggers during her 2016 campaign for the Minnesota House. [According to STARTRIBUNE]

Revealed Spreadsheet Doc Proves FBI Attempted Coup On Trump Through Steele Dossier

THE HILL - There is evidence Steele told the DOJ in July, and the State Department in October, about all of these flaws in his work, and that State officials even detected blatant inaccuracies in his intelligence.

Rep Matt Gaetz Silenced Entire House Democrats With Shocking Audio Record Between Dem Congressman And CNN Host.

The audio contains an exchange between Dem. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, the third-highest ranked Democrat in the House, and a CNN host.

Orders Handed Down To Block Asylum Access For Migrants

A new rule blocking migrants from claiming asylum in the U.S. is set to take effect this week. Trump officials say the executive change is needed to stop a flood of asylum claims filed by recent border crossers, particularly from Central America.

20 Arrested In Major Raid Targeting Fugitives With Final Order

FOX 5 - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation officers arrested 20 people with final removal orders throughout San Diego County this week, the agency announced Friday.

How Mueller's Office Covered Up For Peter Strzok And Lisa Page By Deleting Key Text Messages.

GATEWAY PUNDIT - According to the IG report, the text messages sent between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok about the Mueller probe were ‘lost’ because their phones were conveniently reset to ‘factory settings’ by someone in the DOJ. In other words, Mueller’s team obstructed justice when they deleted the Strzok-Page text messages and scrubbed their phones.

Staffer Tries To Accuse Trump Of Forcibly Kissing Her Then Video Evidence Proves Trump’s Innocence.

GATEWAY PUNDIT - Alva Johnson, a former campaign staffer when Donald Trump was running for president in 2016, claims that she was the victim of an unwanted and forcible kiss from Trump before a rally in Tampa.

Top Member Of Hillary's Inner Circle Sentenced To 3 Years In Federal Prison Over Meddling With Chinese Agents.

FOX NEWS - A federal judge sentenced former State Department employee Candace Claiborne to more than three years in prison for accepting thousands of dollars in cash and gifts from Chinese intelligence agents in exchange for information.

According to the Department of Justice, 60-year-old Candace Marie Claiborne tried to cover up years of contacts she had with Chinese foreign intelligence agents and thousands of dollars received in cash and gifts from same Chinese intelligence Agents.

In a statement, Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers said "Candace Marie Claiborne traded her integrity and non-public information of the United States government in exchange for cash and other gifts from foreign agents she knew worked for the Chinese intelligence service, She withheld information and lied repeatedly about these contacts." Prosecutors said that over a five-year period, Claiborne received "Chinese New Year's gifts, international travel and vacati…

Dozens Of Charges About To Be Rolled Out Against Clinton’s Right Hand Man Epstein - FBI Official

The current charges against Clinton’s right hand man Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the ice berg and a place holder to get him off the streets according to former FBI official Chris Swecker. He further stated that more charges are expected to hit Epstein in coming days.

Final Order Handed Down, Over 900,000 Illegals To Be determined and Deported

CBS - The Trump administration's top official at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said immigration authorities are ready to identify, detain and eventually deport approximately one million undocumented immigrants with pending removal orders.

Major Sex Trafficker With Connection To Clinton Arrested Over Trafficking Of Minors

FOX NEWS - Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with sex trafficking underage girls in New York and Florida. The 66-year-old financier has long been plagued by allegations of sexual abuse against minors.

Mueller Tied To Massive Conflict Of Interest In Collusion Report Over Ties To DNC Contractor

Special counsel Robert Mueller's report found no evidence that US President Donald Trump's campaign team "conspired or coordinated" with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Federal Judge Moves To Unseal Pelosi’s Alcoholic Treatment Records.

BUSTATROLL - Judge Marcus Alfonso Paralapalos of the conservative 51st District Court of Warrants, has ordered the medical treatment files for Nancy Pelosi’s alcoholism unsealed and available to the general public.

Elizabeth Warren Dragged Out Over Endorsement Of Illegal Immigrants.

Elizabeth Warren has endorsed the most insane immigration idea ever in the history of the United States aimed at making it "no longer a federal crime" to cross the border and migrate to the US without papers.

Massive LAWSUIT Filed Against Hillary And Her Campaign

THE WASHINGTON TIMES - A conservative nonprofit has filed a federal lawsuit accusing the Hillary Clinton campaign of violating election laws when it paid British citizen Christopher Steele to gather Kremlin-provided political dirt on candidate Donald Trump.

Democratic Betrayal Threatens Obama’s Entire LEGACY

Democrats 2020 candidates continue their outrageous attacks on President Trump, urging he succumb to the demands of an open border policy and in the process betray Former President and Progressive icon, Barack Obama.