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McCarthy Calls On Hillary Over $6 Million Scandal As He Takes Out Frustration On Schiff And Pelosi.


Kevin McCarthy and Hillary Clinton


During a press conference on Thursday, the house minority leader Kevin McCarthy lashed out at Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff over their outrage on Trump’s comments about getting dirt from a foreign country.

The outrage was as a result of President Trump’s comments to ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos that he might not alert the FBI if a foreign government tried to interest his campaign in opposition research on an opponent. This has caused lots of frustration amongst the president’s critics including John Brennan.

GATEWAY PUNDIT - According to McCarthy “What I am appalled about is what has happened in our election. I watched in the last campaign the Democrat presidential campaign spend $6 million to a foreign entity to travel the world to try to find something when they could not find it, they made false accusations, salacious accusations at that, Drove this country into a special counsel lasting more than 22 months. Using this false information, sending it to the FBI that went and got a FISA court. Then to spy upon Americans and took us through something we should never have to live again.”

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  1. And 25million for a witch hunt they knew was a lie or all lies.It's time to lock them all up and give them long prison term.And the worst execute them asap ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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