John Dowd Robert Mueller


John Dowd and Robert Mueller

During an interview on FOX News with Sean Hannity, a former Trump Attorney John Dowd made it clear that the entire Mueller Report is a fraud.

Dowd and Hannity discussed the recent revelations that Corrupt Cop Robert Mueller alongside his personal hitman Andrew Weissmann edited the original transcript of a phone call between Him [John Dowd] and the attorney representing Michael Flyn, Robert Kelner. John Dowd also made it clear that the entire Mueller Report is a fraud. He said “Isn’t it ironic that this man [Mueller] who kept indicting and prosecuting people for process crimes committed a false statement in his own report.”


We got a statement from former Trump lawyer John Dowd, responding to the Special Counsel’s deceptive edits of his voicemail to Flynn’s lawyer

“It is unfair and despicable. It was a friendly privileged call between counsel - with NO conflict. I think Flynn got screwed”

— Techno Fog (@Techno_Fog) May 31, 2019

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