President Trump and Jerry Nadler

Calls for Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler to resign intensifies amidst refusal to drop contempt vote against Attorney General Barr.

May 8th, after AG Barr’s refusal to appear before the House Judiciary Committee and he’s failure to produce the unredacted fomat of the special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, the house led by Dem. Rep. Chairman Jerry Nadler, moved towards holding the Attorney General in contempt of congress. A vote which resulted to a 24-16 count to refer a contempt resolution to the house. After the vote, Nadler said; “we’re now in a constitutional crisis”.
LIBERTY WIP – Chairman Nadler subsequently came under fire for his decision to hold Barr in contempt and also for the role he played in 1998 during the Lewinsky Scandal.
Confronted by the Lewinsky Scandal in 1998, Corrupt Dem. Rep. Nadler supported the idea of keeping documents related to then President Clinton protected. Speaking about the documents, Rep. Nadler said
“Much of this material is federal rule 6(e) material, that is material that by law — unless contravened by a vote of the House — must be kept secret.”

Nadler (2019) vs. Nadler (1998)

— Dan Scavino (@DanScavino) April 18, 2019

But now that the president under investigation is of an opposition party, something has clearly changed for Rep. Nadler. He suddenly cares more about transparency for the American people than protecting the privacy of third parties.