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Jussie Smallett, President Trump and Kim Foxx

On Jan. 29, Smollett filed a report with the Chicago Police Department saying two masked men hurled racist and homophobic slurs at him before beating him, putting a noose around his neck and pouring what he thought was bleach on him.

When a lack of video evidence and Smollett’s initial refusal to turn over his phone records caused some people to doubt his version of events, police said Smollett’s report was false, and he was charged with felony disorderly conduct. He was indicted on 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct for making a false report March 8, and those charges were abruptly dropped March 26.
Smollett’s defense team requested that the evidence and records in the case be immediately sealed, and the state did not object, according to court documents.

Now, things just went from bad to worse for Smollett as An Illinois judge Thursday ordered Jussie Smollett’s criminal case file be unsealed. This is good news, maybe justice will be served after all.

States Attorney’s Office fought to keep case sealed.

Now, SAO will have to hand over previously sealed documents. https://t.co/F7Jbmz03YG

— Charlie De Mar (@CharlieDeMar) May 23, 2019

Hollywood “washed up” actor Jussie Smollett was let off by the corrupt Cook County State’s Attorney’s office after his vicious stunt to smear Trump supporters as homophobic, racists backfired.

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  1. It's sad that the disgusting dem party is so criminal it will pay anything to keep their power. Including murder by dems against humanity.How is this even possible? And if the police hadn't been on their toes their would very likely been murders for money.On all white people how sick and twisted does a party and it's people stoop to take out a whole race? And how are they all still walking around doing these crimes aka Micheal obama and kamala and Foxx and not in jail? Where is the justice for us if we done this to blacks their would be riots.If we done this to anybody we would be attacked and weapons would be used and alot of us would die.We done nothing but voted for President Trump.And was pulled out of our cars beat.We stopped at a red light and was dragged out and beat.where was the justice for that? Well one things for sure any crimes they hollar about whites done truly needs investigated.And we can never believe cops are killing blacks for nothing time to wake up and realize their are justice prejudice people in this world that want us dead.Sad I say Americans are all one but a party insist on dividing us no matter what we do.Or how our action speak louder then words.

  2. Justice will be served! This jerk should be charged with hate crimes and filing false police reports with his 16 felony counts then the Feds can get him with mail fraud and any other crimes they can enough is enough this was a crime against black and white people along with the President and his supporters!

  3. Yes it's TRUE we would of been prosecuted to the fullest if this had happened to Oboma there would of been riots in the street it would of been people arrested taken out to center of town and hung by the gallows if it were up to them the demoncRats as I say. They are the party of abortion the party of hate the party of racism the party of violence the party of the KKK. It's always been the demoncRats thst have tried to bring our country down . We are Americans we stand for our flag and we stand for our freedom and we stand for our president. And we will stand to set this ship back on its destiny. We are the greatest country in the world if it wasn't for US they the world would of destroyed its self along time ago look at us now we are the beacons that people die trying to come here . But it must be done legally and ordalerly no boarder jumping u keep doing that we are going to stop you I pray that the Republican party wins monster majority's in the house and senate and president trump crosses us over that finishing line . Justice

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