Hillary Clinton John Podesta


Hillary Clinton and John Podesta

The mainstream media has spent two years relentlessly pushing the narrative that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with shady Russians to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton and then cheated with the Russian government to steal the election from her.

Well, that’s far from the truth. Recently, left-wing comedian Jimmy Dore who is also the host of “Aggressive Progressives” on The Young Turks network gave a speech using facts and public documents to expose the origins of the Clinton-Podesta Trump collusion narrative.

It all started when Hillary Clinton discovered that her biggest vulnerability was the fact that she sold off one-fifth of US uranium to the Russians for a few hundred million and a half-million dollar speech to Bill Clinton from Putin. This was because half of all likely voters are less likely to vote for Hillary Clinton after getting to know of the whole Shady deal.
See full details in video below:

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