Justin Fairfax and Vanessa Tyson

The hoax of the democratic party in Virginia just got a little more sore as one cant really decide the better of both the racist blackface-KKK Governor Ralph Northam and his lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax.

While Ralph Northan, the current Governor of Virginia faces resignation for his stance on infanticide, his successor, Lt. Governor  Justin fairfax just came under scrutiny. The shocker is, Justin Fairfax also have enough bones in his closet to fill a cemetery.

On February 3rd, The bigleaugepoilitics published a report on the possible sexual assault of Vanessa Tyson by Justin Fairfax. An unfortunate event which is said to have happened at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. While Lt. Governor Fairfax admits the knowledge of this sexual assault allegations, his office released a statement refuting its. Claiming Lt. Fairfax has an outstanding and a well earned reputation for treating people with dignity and respect.

On Wednesday Vanessa Tyson gave a full and convincing statement with details about the assault while expressing her feelings of deep humiliation and shame she suffered as the cause of the assault.

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Now that it is out, among the friends Vanessa Tyson informed of the sexual assault, Bobby Scott a Virginia Congressman and a fellow Democrat of Lt. Justin Fairfax knew about this sexual assault allegation for more than a year but did nothing about it.

Scott who had knowledge of the assault since December 2017, was Tyson's key witness to the Washington post. But while nobody has an idea of what Scott told the Post, the story was quickly dropped with claims that no evidence to corroborate the allegations could be found.

Suspicious enough, ABC reports say "Scott himself was previously accused of sexual harassment by a former aide, who said he touched her inappropriately when she was working in his Washington office in 2013".