Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
During the early hours of January 25th, the FBI carried out a raid on Roger Stone storming his home with seventeen vehicles including two armored tactical trucks and two dozen heavily
armed federal agents to arrest him. All this for someone who was charged with lying to congress and yet we have the likes of Hillary, Obama, Eric Holder, James Comey and others walking free.

See details in video below:

Hillary Clinton obstructed justice when she deleted thousands of emails from her server, those emails should not have been deleted because there were orders in place at that time from two congressional committees to preserve messages on the account. Hillary, her employees and contractors violated statutes that prohibit destruction of records, obstruction of congressional inquiries and concealment or cover up of evidence materials. 

In other news: ITS OUT!! James Comey Publicly SUPPORT Clinton, Says ‘Zero chance’ She gets PROSECUTED For Her Emails

According to Rep. Meadows, growing body of evidence show that Comey lied to congress when he said the FBI and DOJ were not colluding on the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of private email server. Not only was that false, but we know that over and over again, we have emails that suggests Comey's testimony was false and at the very best misled the American people, at worst was lying to congress.