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Roger Stone (left), Robert Mueller (right)

Roger Stone, a long time confidante and friend to President Donald Trump is hitting Robert Mueller and his team of investigators with new harassment claim. This came after conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi slammed Mueller with a $350 million lawsuit over
illegal searching of his phone records and leaking grand jury information.

Stone claimed that Mueller and his team of investigators  have tracked down his maid, questioning her about his so-called ties to Russia, the claim also states that Mueller’s investigators interviewed 19 of stone’s friends and business associates concerning is so-called ties to Russia.

From The Daily Mail: “Stone accused Mueller of harassment after the counsel’s sleuths tracked down and interviewed 19 of his friends and business associates.
‘My cleaning lady had to go back to Cuba for a while, so I hired a temp,’ Stone said.
‘The temp spoke only Spanish. I never knew her name or anything. Yet, government agents found her in Miami. They asked her if I was meeting with Russians at home.
‘Now, how they found her when I didn’t even know her name, I can only guess. I know she had nothing to say to them.’
He claims agents showed some of Stone’s friends a photo of the two-year-old boy born to Kristin Davis, the infamous Manhattan Madam whose prostitution service was used by disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and, allegedly, the likes of retired baseball slugger Alex Rodriguez.
‘They kept asking if the baby was mine,’ the married Stone said. ‘What does that have to do with Russian collusion? The baby is not mine, I’m the godfather. But that’s an invasion of privacy if I’ve ever seen one.
Should Robert Mueller be fired for this? Feel free to express your thoughts in the description box below.

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