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If we don’t repeal and replace Obama care, we will destroy American healthcare forever - Trump said this in one of is campaign speeches. We can finally see it happening as a U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor in Forth Worthy, Texas declared that
Obamacare is unconstitutional in a Friday ruling.

According to bloomberg:

“Obamacare was struck down by a Texas Federal Judge in a ruling that casts uncertainty on insurance coverage for millions of U.S. residents. President Donald Trump termed the ruling ‘a big victory b a highly respected Judge’ and an alternative path to the long time republican goal of repeal-and-replace.”

Obama’s corrupt “gangs” didn’t take this news too well as they lashed out saying “we knew this was coming”. Some top Democrats even went on twitter to express their frustrations…

According to Eric Holder:
There will be appeals of this absurd decision but it’s time to mobilize. Obamacare is at stake. Contact your Congressman and Senators- let them know how mad - and focused - you are. Be heard. Be seen. Apply pressure. And fight the McConnell court packing

— Eric Holder (@EricHolder) December 15, 2018  

According to Sheila Jackson Lee:

Democrats are going to fight and fight to restore protection not only for pre-existing conditions but for Obamacare. The Republicans have let children, senior citizens and the sick out in the cold.

— Sheila Jackson Lee (@JacksonLeeTX18) December 15, 2018 

According to Bernie Sanders:

This is an outrageous, disastrous decision that threatens the health care and lives of millions of people. It must be overturned.

We must move forward to make health care a right for every American.

— Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) December 15, 2018

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