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Judge Jeanine, in an opening statement on Fox News yesterday revealed the most shocking things about Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 
In her statement, Judge Jeanine revealed that sessions took the job of Attorney General under

false pretense while knowing fully well he is not competent enough for the position. She went on to say Jeff Sessions was never elected and was never entitled to the job and it was handed to him out of his loyalty to the president.

Jeff Sessions is so clueless to the point he doesn’t know he is being used as shield by the deep state for protecting their flank from investigations. 
From Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, the Clintons and Barack Obama including sessions are all puppets used by the deep state to cover tracks.
It is clear that Jeff Sessions just took off the blind folds of justice an is weighing the scale in favor of any one that is a democrat.
In October 2017, a non partisan government watchdog group filed a compalain with the FBC alleging Hillary Clinton and the DNC violated their campaign finance law but Jeff Sessions did absolutely nothing about it and more, Hillary walks free.
Is Sessions too blind to see the damage brought upon the United States by this fraudulent investigation that he breathe life into? Can’t Sessions see that this country is being torn apart with their lunacy against president Trump, how could Sessions possible ignore all the things happening around him.
Sessions ignored the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to the Bill and Hillary corrupt foundation and there was never an audit. 
Sessions allowed Comey and Lorretta Lynch to hand out immunity like candies so no one will be brought to justice.
Hillary Clinton obstructed justice by destroying 33,000 emails meant to be used as evidence against her and was never brought to justice. 
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