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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

OMG: Hannity Just WRECKED Mitch McConnell In This epic Rant going VIRAL

source: liberty writers

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's continues disrespect of our President, the man We, the People, elected to lead our great country has led Sean Hannity to rip him apart with an epic rant on twitter.
Sean Hannity has proven his
loyalty to President Trump time and again; defending the president when all are against him.
Tuesday, Hannity exhibited his full support again.  He had just said he intended to stop all “petty political disagreements” for 12 hours due to the seriousness of the North Korea situation.  He invited others to do the same.
He wasn’t able to make it the full 12 hours, though.  And who can blame him? According to ABC News, McConnell had just said it was “extremely irritating” that Congress has the reputation of not accomplishing anything.

Hannity blew his cool, tweeting:

Mitch McConnell will surely be kicking himself when he gets to read this tweet from Hannity.