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Wednesday, August 09, 2017


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough continued his protracted attacks on Donald Trump on “Morning Joe” that President Donald Trump is “sick” and childish for reading conservative news briefings.
“You really do wonder what type of grown up requires so much back patting and
so much stroking of his ego as does the president of the United States. This seems sick,” Scarborough said.
The politics panel was discussing Trump’s morning news briefings, which reportedly contain stories by conservative outlets and positive stories about the administration. Scarborough said Trump “just loves good news about himself,” and thinks he should steer clear of Morning Joe. 
“We think it’s in America’s best interest and the best interest of the world that Donald Trump doesn’t watch Morning Joe every morning because it makes him so angry,” Scarborough said. “If watching Fox Friends and reading happy stories and seeing pictures where he looks powerful keeps Donald Trump from going on the war path, maybe that’s just what the doctor ordered.”

“I don’t understand how you have an accurate view of the world if everything sent to you is filtered,” Scarborough concluded.
We await the White House' response to this attacks from "Morning Joe".