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Happening Now!! Resolution To Dismiss Ilhan Omar From Congress Approved, She’s Leaving.

Alabama Republicans are urging lawmakers to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. from Congress after a series of controversial statements, including remarks about Israel and her support of economic boycotts against that country. The state GOP passed a resolution last weekend at the party’s summer meeting in Auburn calling on its congressional delegation to “proceed with the expulsion process” against the first-term congresswoman.

The Hill reports:

Alabama’s Republican Party is urging the state’s congressional delegation to begin the process of expelling freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) from Congress.

The state GOP supported a resolution calling for the congresswoman’s ouster at its summer meeting in Auburn this past weekend, according to The committee reportedly approved the resolution on a voice vote after it was introduced by state Rep. Tommy Hanes.

The resolution calls on Alabama’s congressional delegation to “proceed with the expulsion process in accordance to Article 1, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution.”

Omar, a Somali refugee who last year became one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, has sparked criticism from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle over her comments about issues tied to U.S.-Israeli relations.

The resolution backed by Alabama Republicans condemns Omar for what it calls her “disturbing record of using anti-Semitic language that includes alleging Jewish money is used to buy American influence regarding its policy toward Israel.”

The state Republicans also voiced opposition to Omar’s public support of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement that presses Israel on human rights issues in its conflict with the Palestinians and accused the congresswoman of engaging in “rhetoric that explicitly runs counter to American values and patriotism.”

The resolution alleges Omar “dismissed” the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and “sympathized with a convicted terrorist” by pushing for “sentencing leniency.”

Omar has come under heavy scrutiny from Trump and other Republicans throughout her first term in Congress. She prompted widespread backlash earlier this year after suggesting lawmakers support Israel because of the money they receive from lobbyists. She prompted similar outrage after saying that those who support the country have “dual loyalty.”

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  1. ILHAN Nur Said Elmi has been found to have lied and fraud immagration laws by using a fake name when entering our country . She is a hater of Israel and a promoter of terrorist groups and she needs to be banned. And expelled from our Country .

    1. she is hater of America, her arrogant behaviour has no place in Congress of US.
      She fail the good character test in first year of her being on front of a public.

      1. Also she is a big liar the reason Americans cannot get ahead and our debt in most places is out of control you got some traitors in the house @A leader who is stupid and controlled by the squad

    2. No I want her punished by the IRS for fraud just like they do the American citizen take her bank account or property her job and everything just like they do the American citizen she must pay for her crimes she cannot walk free no way in hell lock her up

      1. Yes indeed she needs to go back to her country strip naked the way she came that’s what she deserves for being a liar she don’t deserve to take anything she got in a country she so much hate! SEND HER BACK to her third WORLD COUNTRY!!!

      2. Yes, and the sooner the better. I read she was never accepted for immigration to the US; her family, the Elmi’s, were accepted by the United Kingdom and live there; her first lie was to change her name to “Omar” so she was seen to have been accepted as one of the Omar’s, who were accepted to the US. Lies and more lies followed. Personally, I doubt her gender claims. She refuses to comment on Female Genital Mutilation and in other ways, acts more like a male than a female.
        I agree with others here that she should be prosecuted and punished for her crimes.

      3. Agree!! Before deportation, needs to be tried for All her illegal activities: Incest, Bigamy, Tax Fraud, Campaign Finance Laws, Using her security clearance to assist with terrorist movements & Intel, and more: illegal entry into USA, Identity Theft, breaking oath, on multiple occasions & in multiple ways as sworn to protect & defend USA Constitution against enemies foreign, & domestic (HER, OMAR, AKA? X ?)

      1. I don’t think Shabaab would be that gentle with her scrawny ass. Adultry would be the least of her crimes. She is s traitor to islamn turned American infidel,
        I think they would come up with a far more gruesome torturous death than a simple stoning.
        I just hope they have someone that they have someone that knows how to use a video camera so I can watch it on the internet.

        1. I just pray they do all these thing to this creature. Just get her OUT of our country never to set her feet on American. Soil ever again!!!

    3. Due to the fact she’s a trifling ho she has contracted syphilis, it’s in advanced stages and rapidly eating away her brain. Not to mention the scorching herpes.

    1. I think she should be stripped of her citizenship & deported, buy I don’t understand how Alabama has the authority to do it. If anyone knows, please explain it to me.

      1. Corinne, I believe any state has the right to bring charges against any public servant. Alabama happens to have the most Committment to do this against Omar! And the balls!

  2. We The People don’t want to see the topic again that Omar is being DEPORTED ITS FINAL.
    We want to see her gone NOW.
    We want her and the family gone.

  3. How the imbecile got into congress in the first place has got us fucked, as We thought that the founding fathers forbade muslims from any government positions in the US, or even entering the United States, as they were well aware of the fuck up these muslim imbeciles cause where ever they pop up, you only have to look at the world over the last 1400 years. to be aware of this, the corruption in the democrats show us that the Clintons have completely corrupted the democrats, and carried over with Obumma, you know the false pretending crack cocaine smoking homosexual.

      1. What should be looked into also was the obama policy of preference for muslims over Christians as refugees when it was the muslims who started war against Christians. This allowed enough muslims in so that they set up their religious enclaves where unlawful sharia is practiced. The policy must be reversed and only Christians allowed into USA. No churches in Saudi Arabia so no mosques here. And designate both CAIR & Antifa as domestic terrorist organizations. Declare George Soros an enemy combatant and send a team to take him out.
        Now get popcorn and sit back as Rudy Giuliani is able to put out to the hundreds of millions – in USA alone – of eyes watching ALL the documents he has showing the trail of money to produce the fake dossier that started the Russia hoax, as well as the just started Ukraine hoax.
        Sit back and enjoy watching the party of rats from hell (or demonrat party) desteoy itself.

    1. Mr. Poole, you have stated what a hell of a lot of patriots are thinking.
      Should there be some sort of organization and planning for when shit hits the fan! How could this be accomplished because there are millions of us.

      1. Reinstate the law… Add only American born can run for congress or President. If not the way thing s are going we are going to be in a crap of trouble in future.

    2. obama muslim too. The Founding Fathers forbade muslims in government office. After he got the White House, obama publicly made the statement, ” I can’t believe we got away with it”.

  4. Yous will never be able to deport her.. If it got to the point of deporting her then you would find out from her lips if she was married to her brother. She will seek assylum under the threat of death.. Lets face it She is a slut and shariah and islam dont take to kindly to that.. And i am not sure but i think under international assylum law you cant send someone to their death.. So she aint leaving the country..

    1. You’re a fucking idiot Brian, we can deport her, maybe not to her home country, but we can send her anywhere else. And when did it become our responsibility to worry about what happens to an enemy of the US, never has been and never will be? She is a terrorist sympathizer and a hater of Jews so she does not belong in our country. I would say she should consider herself lucky we don’t fly her out over the ocean and shove her out, no parachute no life jacket.

    2. Brian they don;t need to send back but, she faces charges here for immigration fraud, Income tax fraud, Adultery, incest marrying her brother, various state laws , Lying to Federal law enforcement officials, lying to Congress, and I am wondering if all her children have a single father or if her brother is the father of one or more her children.

  5. It is the the best action to deport Evil Omar. She had been stirring up trouble and implicitly instigating peace loving Americans muslims to rise against the govt. Sowing racial hatred.

  6. Can’t understand how this kind of persons could be elected on a first place. I do understand that this is a democracy etc. etc. but … we all know that democracy has faults and it takes too long to correct … and “they” are perfectly using it. We have to close this gap somehow! Any ideas?

  7. I agree she needs to go, but the Congress will not expel her because Alabama voted her out. Give me a break. They will say racist Southern state.

  8. We need to vote on #TermLimitations please sign the petition at to get this on the ballet, and we need to make sure the ballet boxes are secure and legit, and we need Voter ID. this will change a great deal of problems especially Term Limitations.

  9. why would trump want rid of her,shes a god send,or an ali send ,omar should be allowed to rise up,america would revile her and the dnc ,you would see a republican president for decades to come.
    are you sure the backers of this resolution aren’t rino’s.only the democrats would benefit from getting rid of her

  10. Amen! Especially when including her “alleged” additional crimes: incest, children unsure of their patronsge; illegally stealing identity to gain entrance into US, not Constitutionally qualified to run for, let alone hold office in USA Congress; illegal use of campaign contributions; illegal tax returns. Additionally, while jumping all over POTUS to release tax returns, yet will not publish hers, will not submit legal paperwork that would disprove bigamy, etc.
    Before pulling a twig from another’s eye, FIRST must remove LUMBER from your own.

  11. That’s right! Demorats make their own laws as they go so there needs to be something on the books that allows this traitor (and others) to be stoned here. Traitors are to be executed aren’t they? Yea I get it the moral thing but there comes a time to enforce the laws already in place. Built the gallows tonight and stretch the neck in the morning.

  12. The mistake American people made was to vote for Omar without understanding her religion. Whatever Omar has been saying and doing, it’s because of what she has been taught. My appeal to all American people is this: Please study ALL the religions and be well informed to inform the future. God Bless America.

  13. Ilham Omar truly needs to be removed from her position! I am completely convinced that she had no intention of being loyal to our country (right from the beginning), our Constitution or carry out her duties in the house. She is there to fulfill her own agenda… fight against Israel, to make sure Sharia law is implemented fully in the U.S. She has such hatred for Israel and the laws we have in our country. She is constantly spewing hate and racism. She wants the U.S. to turn into a muslim country, which will never happen. The “squad” are only there to cause problems and lie to the American people. Omar has already broken quite a few laws and needs to be investigated. Why is a muslim allowed to be in our government?? Their religion and our Constitution do not mix!! Omar needs to be taken our of our government and then out of our country! Omar and the 3 others are just cancerous and dangerous to our country.

  14. Bout fucking time.. WE need to stone her in the street then hang her on the white house lawn for all to see.. Then we need to round up all of her friends and hang them to !!! Fuck this terroristic MUSLIM bitch ! Fuck all muslims.. NO muslims in america !!!!

  15. We need to find out EXACTLY how a person like this can get elected to Congress. I have to go through a background check & b put on a registry to exercise my 2nd am right, how can this woman not be better vetted to make it impossible 2 lie 2 the voters like that?


  17. Ilhan came from a camp in Kenya, which is not a Muslim country, therefore there is no justifiable expectation of future harm by Shariah law. She entered under a false claim of membership of a family, to.which she was not a member. She is clearly not an American citizen in.good standing. I support her being investigated and if found guilty, jailed and then deported. Her real father is in England.

  18. Omar is a proven traitor of America and should have already been sent out of the country. She has broken laws and should be held accountable like every one else. Why is she still allowed to be there?!

  19. Get her out of America. She is not, nor does not want to become an American . She is a double agent and would betray our country, America, before you could say “double agent. “She is dangerous as and does not even live by Sharia law, obviously.

  20. Please answer how she was allowed this position? She totally against every law in the United States. All ethics and morals of this country she has damn. By her. She needs stripped of her rights as an American citizen. And sent back with nothing but her clothes on her back.

    1. I’m sorry but shes the one that supports those type of terrorist controled muslim nations. This a God thing nothing more nothing less . Amen to my Father in Heaven. Righteousness shall prevail !!!!

  21. I’m sorry but shes the one that supports those type of terrorist controled muslim nations. This a God thing nothing more nothing less . Amen to my Father in Heaven. Righteousness shall prevail !!!!

  22. Reinstate the law… Add only American born can run for congress or President. If not the way thing s are going we are going to be in a crap of trouble in future.

  23. She’s a Democrat they’re Above the Law don’t you know not a damn thing is going to be done. The Socialist Democrats are the greatest threat to America today. I wonder what our forefathers would tell us to do?

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